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Implementing Safe Deal
To implement Safe Deal, you need to sign up for YooMoney and set up and test the integration between YooMoney and your platform.
  1. Make sure your platform is prepared for onboarding
  2. Sign up for YooMoney: follow this link and complete the registration process (there's a manual)
  3. Enter into a contract with us.
    After you sign up, you'll be redirected to your Merchant Profile. You'll need to enter the information and upload the documents required for the contract, then download the filled out contract, print it out, and sign it (you don't have to print out the contract if you sign it using your electronic signature)
    When you sign everything, make scanned copies or take photos of all the pages of the contract and upload them to your Merchant Profile (if you used your electronic signature, upload the signed file). We'll review all the information in the contract: if everything is alright, we'll sign the contract on our side.
  4. Open the security balance and add money to it.
  5. Set up the integration with YooMoney and test payments on a test online platform
  6. Add forms for Safe Deal to your platform: a form for entering bank card details (for sellers) and a payment form (for customers).
    Payment forms suitable for Safe Deal: