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Remuneration and commissions
Online platform's remuneration
Your platform can withhold your remuneration for Safe Deal: you can set its amount for each payment processed via your service.
You can receive your remuneration either right after the payment (after money is debited from customer's card) or after the deal is successfully closed and all the sellers have received their payouts (it can be configured using the API parameter). Either way, the remuneration amount is credited to platform's business account on the following working day.
YooMoney's commission
The amount of YooMoney's commission is calculated automatically based on the total payment amount. However, it's not withheld from the total amount but from platform's remuneration. For example, if YooMoney's commission is 5%, then for a payment of 1000 ₽ in total, 50 ₽ will be withheld from platform's remuneration. Therefore, YooMoney's commission needs to be taken into account when the amount of platform's remuneration is being set.