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Inviting a Developer
You can invite a Developer to help with the YooMoney onboarding process give by giving a limited access to your Merchant Profile to the specialist who will set up the integration for you.
To invite a Developer, you need to link your phone number to the Merchant Profile.
What the Developer can access in Merchant Profile
The Developer can edit technical settings, check payments in the Demo store, view transaction history, make refunds, and issue invoices. Note
Access to editing store settings is available to both the Owner and the Developer. If you edit settings, you can accidentally change or delete technical information provided by the Developer, and this might affect the store's operation.
How to grant access to Developer
  1. Find the Invite a developer block on your Merchant Profile's main page and click Give access.
  2. Indicate the Developer's details in the opened form:
    Specify the email address of the developer: the invitation to your Merchant Profile will be sent there.
  3. When everything is filled out, click Confirm. After that, you will receive a text message with a password to the linked phone. Enter it into the Text message password field and click Continue.
  4. You will see the notification that the developer has been added. Now, after following the link from the email, this specialist will have access to your Merchant Profile.
    After you add the developer, the Invite a Developer section on the main page of the Merchant Profile will be replaced by Developer.
How to revoke access from Developer
  1. Click the crossed circle icon in the Developer section.
  2. The page to revoking access will open, and you will receive a text message with a password. Enter the text message password in the confirmation form and click Revoke access.
  3. After that, you will see a notification that you've revoked developer's access. Now this specialist won't be able to log in to your Merchant Profile.