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History of Payouts
List of Payouts
In the Transactions section, you can see a list of all payouts you sent to customers (sorted by time: most recent at the top).
The list contains information about each payment. Left to right:
Payment number is the unique ID for the payment. Working with the API, you assign a number to each payment (specified in the clientOrderId parameter)
Date and time when the payment was sent.
Payment destination, as in where the payment was sent (bank card, bank account, YooMoney, phone balance).
For payouts to bank cards, the RRN (Retrieval Reference Number, payment ID in the recipient's bank), the card mask, and card synonym are shown.
Payout status
Successful paymentMoney successfully credited
ProcessingMoney was sent, but yet to be delivered to the recipient.
Not creditedThe money was not credited.
Refund or chargebackMoney was successfully credited to the recipient, but returned afterwards.
Payment amount in rubles.
You can use filters to find one or several desired transactions in the history. Select the parameters and click Find, and transactions matching the parameters will appear in the list.
Filters parameters:
  • Transaction is the payout number in YooMoney.
  • Money destination is the method of collecting the money by the client.
  • Period is the date range for payouts.
  • Payment status.
Each option in the Money destination filter has additional search parameters:
  • Bank card — you can search by card mask (first 6 and last 4 digits of the number) and RRN.
  • Bank account — by correspondent account number.
  • YooMoney — by wallet number.
  • Mobile phone balance — by phone number.
Export of Operations to a File
You can download the list of payments with required parameters as a CSV file (viewed by Excel and other table editing software).
Set the required parameters in the filters (for example, you can download all successful payouts to wallets within three months) and click Export payouts. When the file is ready, the download link will be sent via email to he user who requested the download.
Fields in the file with the selection:
сreatedDtDate and time of the operation by YooMoney's time.
agentIdIdentifier of your payment gateway.
payoutTypeType of payout: using this method the client will receive the money.
clientOrderIdNumber of operation in your system.
processedDTDate and time of processing the operation.
amountPayout amount.
amountCurrencyCurrency code (for instance, 643—Russian ruble).
customerIdIdentifier of the transfer recipient. Depends on the type of the payout and may be one of the following:
  • YooMoney e-wallet
  • bank card number
  • standard bank account number
  • mobile phone number
rrnRetrieval Reference Number — код транзакции в банке получателя при выплатах на банковский счет. Нужен для поиска информации о выплате в банке.