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How Safe Deal works
Безопасная сделка — это сервис ЮMoney для проведения безопасных расчётов на интернет-площадках, которые позволяют физлицам совершать сделки между собой: досках объявлений, биржах фриланса, сервисах для поиска услуг и специалистов.
There are three parties in Safe Deal:
  • Online platform (platform): your website or service where users can sell their products or services.
  • Seller: a user of the online platform who sells their services or products.
  • Customer: a user of the online platform who buys a product or service from the seller.
When a deal is processed on the platform via our service, the required amount is debited from the customer and frozen until the platform confirms or cancels the deal. If the deal is confirmed, the money is sent to seller's card (it's usually credited instantly). If the deal gets canceled for some reason, the money is returned to the customer