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Paying out salary to employees
You can pay out salary to your employees' bank cards via the YooMoney Merchant Profile.
To do that, you need to:
  1. Get your employees' banking details for payouts.
  2. Enter these details to the list for payouts (following our template).
  3. Make a payout using this list.
How to get the banking details for payouts
To make a payout to an employee's bank card, you'll need their bank card synonym and user ID.
Bank card synonym is the encrypted number of your employee's bank card. We store the bank card details in the YooMoney system and provide them to you in an encrypted form. Because of that, you don't need to store them on your side in accordance with the PCI DSS standard of storing bank card details.
User ID is the identifier under which your employee's personal information is saved in the YooMoney system. Because of that, you don't need to store it on your side in accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ.
You can get these details in two ways. From your employees
Your employees can fill out our ready-made form for requesting personal information on their own and get the required banking details for payouts.
  1. You send this link to the form to your employee (make sure you copied the whole link).
  2. They fill out the form and receive an Excel file with the bank card synonym and ID.
  3. They send this file to you. Automatically
You can receive your employee's details automatically after they fill out the form. To do that, you need to set up a special page with a form for collecting personal information on your side.
  1. You set up a page for collecting your employees' personal information on your side.
  2. You send a link to the form for collecting personal information to your employee.
  3. Your employee fills out the form.
  4. You receive their bank card synonym and ID.
How to enter data into a list for a payout
Download a ready-made list template in your Merchant Profile and add your employees and their banking details (that you receive during the previous step) to this list.
  1. Go to Transactions — Payouts to clients and click on Make a payout.
  2. Download the template in the Excel format.
  3. Open the template and go to the Payouts to bank cards page.
  4. Fill out the following columns in the template for each employee (you don't have to fill out all of them):
    Payout amount: amount to be paid out to employee's bank card.
    Bank card number (or synonym): bank card synonym that you receive during Step 1.
    User ID: identifier that you received during Step 1.
  5. Delete unnecessary information from all the pages of the file (for instance, examples of filled out templates) and save the file.
How to make a list-based payout
  1. In your Merchant Profile, go to Transactions — Payouts to clients and click on Make a payout.
  2. Upload the file containing the list that you created during Step 2.
  3. The file will be automatically checked for mistakes. If there are mistakes in the file, a warning will be displayed: the payout can't be made. You need to correct the mistakes in the file and upload it again.
  4. If there are no mistakes, you'll see the Pay out buttom at the bottom: click on it and confirm the payout using a text message code.
  5. Once you finish the confirmation, all the payouts will be sent to the recipients. In a few minutes, they'll appear in the Payout history: you can check if all the payouts have gone through.
    On the following day, you'll receive reports for these payouts via email. The certificate for the current month will be sent via email by the 10th day of the following month.