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If something is broken (payments aren't coming through, or you need to change the banking details, or you're having problems with the online sales registers) or you need to add or connect a new feature (a payment method, a mobile terminal, another store), contact us via the feedback form.
To open it, click on the question mark icon in the lower right corner and select the subject of your application. If you can't find the subject, select Other subject.
Then specify what your enquiry is about, so that we can forward the message to the relevant specialists and reply to you faster.
Type the message and send it.
You can attach a file to your message in case you need to send us a screenshot or a document.
Sometimes (for example, when you work with payments or refunds), some additional information is needed: for example, payment ID, payment date, payment method, or something else. This will speed up the solution.
The response from our Support Service will be sent to your email after some time.
If you have an urgent question, you can call us or contact one of our specialists directly (click the "our specialists' contacts" at the bottom of the form) or write to the chat with the Support Service.
Chat with the Support Service
Using the chat, you can get help or answer to your question faster.
To start a chat with the Support Service, sign in to your Merchant Profile and place the cursor on the question mark icon in the lower right corner: click on the chat icon that appears here. After you open the chat, type your question. You can also attach a file to the chat (for example, a screenshot or a document).
You can contact us via chat from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 9 PM: at non-working hours, it will be unavailable.
Notifications in the Merchant Profile
We use notifications to let you know about important news and changes in the operation of YooMoney. To view notifications, click on the bell icon in the lower right corner of the page.