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Security balance
Before you start using Safe Deal, open the security balance and add money to it. It's required so that customers on your platform could receive a guaranteed refund in case their deal gets canceled.
You don't have to inform the Tax Service about the security balance: it's not a bank account.
How to open the security balance and add money to it
To do it, tell your YooMoney manager that you'd like to open the security balance.
After the balance is opened, add money to it from your organization's business account (the one you specified in your contract with "YooMoney", NBCO LLC) using a payment order. Specify the number for adding money to the balance (you can find it in the contract with YooMoney) and other banking details (YooMoney's standard banking details) in the payment order. Money is credited under the contract between your platform and our company.
Как выглядит платёжное поручение
How much to add to the balance
It depends on the percentage of refunds on your platform. Initially, we recommend adding the amount equal to one half of your daily payment turnover to the security balance: it should be enough for a month. You'll be able to see how much money is left in the security balance in the certificate (certificates are generated after each month).