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Linking Bank Card
This feature allows for saving bank card details of your client and simplifies further payments on our site for this client.
How it works
First payment:
  1. Your client selects paying with bank card.
  2. This client specifies this card's details: number, owner's name, expiration date, and CVC.
  3. The client selects Save card and confirms the payment.
  4. YooMoney saves the card details.
Next payments:
  1. The customer selects payment with bank card. In the selection menu, you can display the masked card number: first 6 and last 4 digits (we will send them to you with the data for the first payment).
  2. They confirm the payment, no need to enter the card details. The payment is processed without a redirect to the YooMoney website.
Activating the feature
  1. Tell your manager you want to activate linking bank cards.
  2. Sign up for YooMoney and complete the onboarding process via the API
  3. Implement payments with saved bank cards. Upon the first payment, you need to save bank card details to save_payment_method. Upon the next payment, you need to send a request for creating a payment with this payment method's identifier in payment_method_id.