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Payment History
The graph above your payment list represents the main indicators of your store for the selected period (you can adjust it):
  • revenue — the amount you received for this period,
  • average purchase amount — the amount you get if the revenue is devided by the number of payments,
  • total amount of all refunds,
  • and number of successful payments.
If the store accepts payments in other currency than Russian rubles, the revenue is shown in this currency. The refunds are always presented in Russian rubles.
You can hide the graph if you do not need it (push Hide in the top-right corner).
Payment History
You can find a list of all payments in your merchant profile in the Transactions section, under the Payments tab.
In the first column:
  • Payment ID (transaction number in our service).
  • Receipt delivery status icon.
  • Date and time the money were debited from the buyer.
In the second column:
  • The description of the payment. This displays the information that you can send to YooMoney during the payment, including order number, description, and any description. If you are using the YooMoney API, the description of the payment is added to request for payment in the description field.
In the third column:
  • Payment status.
  • Date and time when this status was assigned. For example, for the Paid status, the date and time when the money was deposited to your account are indicated here.
In the fourth column:
  • Payment amount.
  • Payment method.
  • Refund button (for successful payments). It opens a form for creating a request for refund to the buyer. See Refunds
Payment details and transaction history
Click on a payment to view additional information such as payment details and transaction's history.
Details include payment ID, which is the transaction's number in YooMoney.
Payments from bank cards are assigned an RRN (Retrieval Reference Number). This number allows finding information about certain payment in your bank. Using this number in the filter, you can search for payments made with bank cards.
Logs are available for transactions within the past 7 days.
You can find Transaction history under payment details. Events related to this transaction are shown in chronological order: the history of payment status changes, information about transmission of receipts to the cloud register (if you're using the YooMoney solution for 54-FZ). From here, you can view receipt details
Receipt delivery statuses:
ProcessingSent, but no response from cloud sales register yet.
Not delivered to the cloud registerCloud register did not accept the receipt (for example, due to a technical error). Such receipt must be generated and sent manually from the online sales register's dashboard.
Delivered to the cloud registerAccepted by cloud register.
Payment statuses:
CreatedCreated, but the payment has not been made yet.
PaidPayment successful.
UnpaidPayment initiated, but not completed. The money was not credited.
ProcessingPayment initiated, but not completed. For instance, for payments with preauthorization
Partially refundedPartial refund successful, part of the payment was returned to buyer.
RefundedFull refund successful, money was returned to buyer.
CanceledFor pre-authorised payments: payment process was initiated but cancelled after the first phase.
ErrorThe payment failed due to an error.
Waiting for confirmationFor pre-authorised payments: payment process was initiated but not confirmed.
Successful payments will have a Refund button near the transaction amount: when clicked, it opens a form for creating a request for a refund to the buyer (see Refunds). After a refund (full or partial), the payment status will change.
If your store supports pre-authorised payment status can change to Waiting for capture. You can capture or cancel this payment using the Cancel or Capture buttons.
Receipt details
Navigate to Transaction history and click View the receipt button near the desired receipt. Fiscal data of the receipt, list of products, and the total amount of the payment are displayed here.
If the receipt was not delivered to the online sales register, the description will include the reason, for example, a technical error. Such receipt must be generated and sent manually from the online sales register's dashboard.
Поиск платежей
В истории есть поисковая строка и набор фильтров. Можно найти конкретный платёж или выбрать все платежи, которые подходят по параметрам. По кнопке Найти результаты выводятся в виде списка. Если нужно, список можно скачать (значок загрузки).
По умолчанию в истории видно все платежи за последний месяц.
Поисковая строка
Умеет искать по разным параметрам, но одновременно можно вводить только что-то одно:
  • Описание платежа, которое вы передали в ЮKassa.
  • Номер заказа из вашей системы.
  • RRN — номер, который присваивается платежам с банковских карт. Чтобы найти операцию по RRN, номер нужно запросить у покупателя (есть в чеке и в истории операций в банке покупателя).
  • Номер банковской карты. Можно указать последние 4 цифры, но если платежей с карт много, могут быть совпадения. Тогда лучше вводить первые 6 и последние 4 цифры, в таком формате: 123456-7890.
  • Номер кошелька — для платежей из кошелька ЮMoney.
  • Идентификатор платежа в ЮKassa.
  • Номер счёта, который вы выставили покупателю из личного кабинета ЮKassa. См. Счета клиентам
Есть ограничение: в запросе должно быть минимум 3 символа, иначе поиск не сработает.
Их можно использовать вместе с запросом в поисковой строке — или без него.
  • Календарь — в нём можно задать период или конкретную дату.
  • Способ оплаты — можно выбрать один, несколько или все.
  • Статус платежа — тоже один, несколько или все.
  • Сумма платежа — можно указать минимальную и максимальную (поля «от» и «до»).
Платежа нет в истории
  • Проверьте параметры для поиска — возможно, где-то ошибка.
  • Попробуйте увеличить период в календаре.
Если платёж всё равно не найти, но вы уверены, что он прошёл, напишите в поддержку — будем разбираться.
Saving Payments to File
If you need to view more payments or sort them out in any way different, you can download the details as a file in the CSV format (may be viewed via Excel or other software for editing tables).
To do that, specify the required parameters in the filters in payment history: for example, you can download all successful payments from bank cards within three months. Then click Export.
File download will start automatically once it's ready.
Fields in the exported file:
avisoReceivedDatetimeDate of the notification about the successful payment (if not present, the order was cancelled).
customerNumberThe user ID used by the merchant (if available).
orderSumCurrencyCurrency code (for instance, 643—Russian ruble).
paymentTypePayment method code. Code explanation
itemNameProduct name.
accountIdNumber of the user's Wallet (if the payment is made via a YooMoney Wallet).
invoiceIdTransaction number in our payment service.
orderSumPayment amount.
shopSumThe amount the store gets (payment amount minus payment service commission).
Deferred payments (pre-authorised)
If your store supports pre-authorisation, payments from bank cards and e-wallets are made in two stages:
  1. The client places an order on the website, and the required amount is blocked on their account.
  2. The payment appears in the YooMoney Merchant Profile with the Waiting for confirmation status. The merchant can capture this payment (funds will be debited from the client) or cancel it (funds will be returned to the client).
You can only accept deferred payments if you are connected via the API protocol. Learn more about the configuration in our documentation
If your store is based on a CMS, you need to enable deferred payments in the YooMoney module settings. See module instructions for your CMS to learn more about the configuration.
How to capture and cancel payments
  1. Visit Operations — Payments in your YooMoney Merchant Profile. Find a payment with the Waiting for confirmation status in the Payment history list.
  2. Click on the line with the required payment and select the action: Cancel payment or Capture.
The payment status will change to Success or Cancel. Refresh the page after a few minutes to check the status.
To cancel a payment, you will need to enter the password from the text message sent to the phone number linked to your Merchant Profile. This will allow you to cancel payments without a code within the next hour.
The text message password is not required for capturing payments.
Payments made with bank cards require capture within 7 days, payment made using other methods — 6 hours. After that, the payment will be canceled automatically and the funds will be returned to the buyer. The date and time of cancellation are specified for each payment to the right of the Capture button.