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B2B payments
Using YooMoney, you can accept online payments from sole proprietors and legal entities. For that, you and the customer must connect to Sberbank Business Online. The system makes B2B payments simpler: invoices are issued automatically, the customer pays without a payment order, and payment notifications are sent immediately. How it works
The customer places an order on your website and selects payment via Sberbank Business Online. They access the Sberbank website, log in to their account, see your invoice, and confirm the payment with a text message code or an electronic key (token). You receive a notification of successful payment. Onboarding
  1. Inform your manager that you want to accept B2B payments.
  2. Get a link to the offer. Follow the link and accept the terms.
  3. Add money to the payout account that YooMoney will use for charging the commission for payment processing. Banking details will be sent to your email.
  4. Complete integration by the YooMoney API or via the payment acceptance protocol if you're using it.
  5. Place the button for payment via Sberbank Business Online on the website.