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After creating a Merchant Profile, it only has one user in it. This user can add more users: delivery guys, accountants, technical specialists, and other employees of your company. Every user needs to have a personal account on YooMoney. Those who do not have ones, need to create them under YooMoney.
You can add new users or view the existing ones under Account Management section.
User Functions
Users can access different sections of the Merchant Profile. Depending on four functions: owner, administrator, operator, and developer.
Owner — an account on YooMoney created together with Merchant Profile. Owner can add administrators, operators, and developers, and give them access to stores and payouts.
Function TypeOwnerManagerAdministratorAccountantOperatorDeveloper
Areas of access
Payment History
Exporting payments to file
Payment Capture
Store Settings
Changing the name of the store on the payment form
Creating a store and issuing a token
Viewing the daily settlement amount
Viewing the balance for refunds
Adding money to the balance for refunds
History of Payouts
List-based payouts
Export of payouts to a file
Payouts Settings
Extracts from the reports
Viewing the payout balance
Contract, Fees, Account Details
Universal transfer documents (UTD)
Details about Company
Customizing the integration
Event Log
Adding users
Requests to the technical support
Viewing the list of sellers
Adding sellers
Adding online platforms
How to Add User
Only users registered on YooMoney can access a Merchant Profile.
  1. Go to Account Management and find Users section.
  2. Push the plus icon to the right from the heading: you will see a form for adding a user.
  3. Enter the user's email: an invitation will be sent to it.
  4. Select the role of the user.
  5. If you want to grant access only to certain services (stores, payouts, platforms), select them from the list. By default, access is granted to all services that are available in the company (including the ones to be added in the future).
  6. Confirm sending the invitation with a text message password: you will get it to the phone number linked to your Merchant Profile.
  7. That's it. The user will get access to the Merchant Profile after accepting the invitation
How to Edit User Details
Users can change their full name, phone number, and email on their own:
  1. Go to the profile in the upper right corner of your Merchant Profile.
  2. Click Edit details.
  3. Change the required details.
How to Stop Sharing Access with User
  1. Go to the Users section.
  2. Find the user you need in the list and click "Remove" to the right from the user's login name.
  3. Confirm that you want to stop sharing access to your Merchant Profile with the user.
The user will be removed from the list.
How to Change a Role and Access to Services of User
  1. Go to the Users section.
  2. Find the user you need in the list and click "Edit" to the right from the user's login name.
  3. This will open a form where you can change the user's role and access to services (stores and payouts).
Как принять приглашение в личный кабинет
  1. The invitation from the owner of the Merchant Profile will be sent to your email. Open the letter with the subject Invitation to YooMoney and click Accept an invitation.
  2. It will direct you to the YooMoney login page. You can sign up from here: just enter your phone number and follow the instructions.
    For YooMoney users
  3. After that, you will get to the Merchant Profile. Done, now you can use it.