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HTTP notifications
Incoming HTTP notifications are used for interacting via the YooMoney API: they allow tracking the status of transactions and send information about them to your website (or service) automatically. Learn more in the documentation
You can find the notification settings in the Integration — HTTP notifications section.
URL for notifications: address in your system where notifications about events will be sent. In order for notifications to work, you website must be protected with an SSL certificate (URLs of protected websites start with https).
What would you like to get notified about: list of events about which you can receive notifications to this address.
payment.succeededPayment processed successfully.
payment.waiting_for_capturePayment awaiting capture (for pre-authorized payments).
payment.canceledPayment canceled or not processed due to an error.
refund.succeededRefund processed successfully.
If you use a ready-made solution for integration, you can just select your module from the list: the notification settings will be configured automatically. To edit automatic settings (if they're not suitable for you), click Configure manually.
If you set up the integration on your own, you need to configure how notifications are processed on your side in order for them to work.