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This option allows for performing payments from bank cards in two steps and return money without commission.
  1. In the course of payment, the money is put on hold but not deducted.
  2. The deduction is executed some time later upon your order.
In the timespan between putting on hold and deducting the money, you can prepare the order: check whether the product is available on stock and deliver it to the buyer.
If something goes wrong, you can cancel the payment after the first step: we will stop holding the money, and it will return to the buyer. And you won't need to pay a transfer commission.
Preauthorization may also be referred to as: reserving, putting on hold, freezing, two-step debiting, deferred payment.
How It Works
First Stage
  1. A client pays for your product or service with a bank card.
  2. The order amount is put on hold; the client receives a message about the payment. Second Stage
You make sure that everything is ready: the product is in stock, price remains unchanged, and the client approves the product. Your further actions depend on the outcome of this check.
Everything is all rightOrder not fulfilledOrder partially fulfilled7 days has passed
  1. You execute the order and send an order for debit to YooMoney.
  2. We debit the money and transfer it to your account as usually.
  3. We charge the successful payment fee.
For instance, if a client picked a wrong size of a product and refused to accept it from the delivery boy.
  1. YooMoney receives a decline.
  2. The money on the card is released from being held: the client can control them again.
  3. The fee is not charged.
For instance, a client ordered two dresses. Only one of them fitted well.
  1. You send an order for debit to YooMoney and only specify a part of the amount.
  2. We debit this updated amount.
  3. The remaining funds are released from being held and become available for the client.
  4. We only charge successful payments: the commission will only apply the part of the initial amount you ordered to debit.
The money will become available to user automatically.
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Activating the feature
Preauthorizing works for everybody who implemented YooMoney via API.
  1. Sign up for YooMoney and complete the onboarding process via the API.
  2. Implement payment acceptance with bank cards via the YooMoney API. The payment is carried out in two stages: you have 7 days to confirm or cancel the payment. Documentation