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Extracts from payout reports
You might need an extract to confirm that a payout was made (for example, in court). An extract contains information about the payout and our company's stamp.
You can get extracts by yourself in your Merchant Profile.
Important In the Merchant Profile, you can get an extract only for payouts made over the past three years. If you need an extract for earlier payouts, contact your YooMoney manager.
  1. On the Transactions page, click Extracts.
  2. Enter the numbers of the payouts for which you need extracts. If you need extracts for multiple payouts, you can separate their numbers with a comma or semicolon or enter each number in a new line.
    After that, click Get extracts.
    Important You can get up to 1,000 extracts at a time.
  3. If everything is alright, you'll receive a link to the archive with files in pdf format via email: a separate file with an extract for each payout. The link is valid for 24 hours.
If it wasn't possible to create extracts for some payouts, you'll see a warning notification at the bottom of the screen. Click on Learn more to see the numbers of these payouts and the reasons why it wasn't possible to create these extracts.
There are three possible reasons:
In progress: these payouts haven't been processed yet, try getting the extracts later. A payout to a bank card can take up to three days after it's made to get processed.
No such payouts found: there are no payouts with these numbers in your payout history. Check the numbers: there might be typos in them.
Not delivered to the recipients: these payouts didn't go through, so it's impossible to create an extract for them.