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Payment Analytics
In Merchant Profile, you can view the main financial indicators of your store as well as their dynamics. This data can be useful for analyzing payment traffic and making managerial decisions. Analytics can be accessed by Owner and Administrator
Navigate to Analytics section. It contains:
  • Filters — to select the period and detalization of data on the graph.
  • Financial indicators and their trends — change dynamics in comparison with the previous similar period.
  • Graph — it displays the dynamics of a financial indicator within the selected period.
Required for selecting the period and setting detalization of data on the graph. You can select a fixed period (week, month, quarter, year) or set an arbitrary value. Depending on the selected period, the filter provides details by day, by week, and by month.
Financial indicators and graphs
The store's financial indicators are directly below the filter. There are four of them:
  • revenue — total amount of all successful payments (excluding commission) for the selected period,
  • average order value — the amount you get if the revenue is divided by the number of payments,
  • number of successful payments,
  • amount of successful refunds.
Each financial indicator has:
  • amount or quantity,
  • trend.
Click on a financial indicator to view its dynamics on the graph.
A trend is a change in the indicator compared to the previous similar period. Trend direction is indicated by an arrow (ascending, descending, or neutral), the difference from the previous period is shown as a percentage.
If there were no payments within the selected period, the trend will not be displayed.