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Instructions for C14 and C15 readers
This is an instruction for C14 and C15 readers that were provided by YooMoney until June 2018. They allow accepting payments from cards with a magnetic stripe and a chip. Contactless payments (Paypass and others) are not supported.
If you need a reader that supports contactless payments
Starting in June 2018, YooMoney sells new P17 readers that accept payments made with contactless cards (PayPass and others). You can order them via your YooMoney manager.
Payment process
First, prepare the reader: plug it into the earphone jack and check your internet connection (3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi). Then:
  1. Tap Payment in the app, enter the purpose of payment, such as the name of the product or service.
  2. If the card has a chip, insert it into the reader having the chip on the underside. If the card is with a magnetic stripe, slowly and steadily swipe it through the reader.
    Please note: the reader takes up to five seconds to process the card.
  3. Ask your client to sign on the screen.
  4. Specify your client's email address or phone number to send the payment receipt.
All payments made via our reader are saved to the History section in the app.
Problems and solutions
The reader is not working
First of all, check the following:
  • your internet connection is on
  • the volume is on, and its value is on maximum level
  • you have antivirus software and all applications and devices that may affect the sound are disabled
  • you allowed the app to use your device's microphone (you can check it in your phone settings).
Then try unplugging and plugging the reader again, restarting or reinstalling the app, and rebooting your device. If nothing of these helps, contact the customers support: its phone number is on the sticker on your reader. You will need to name the device's features.
In the course of a payment, something went wrong: for instance, internet connection was lost
View the History section in the app.
If the record about the last payment has been successfully saved, view it and ask your client to sign it. You need to complete the process within 5 minutes, otherwise it will be cancelled.
If the record is missing from the history, this means the funds were not debited. Start the process over.
The card cannot be read
  1. Try waiting a little: the reader needs up to five seconds to process a card.
  2. Make sure the reader is plugged properly, the internet is on, and the device's volume is at maximum.
  3. If the card has a magnetic stripe, swipe it again, slowly and steadily. If this is a chip card, withdraw it and insert it again.
  4. Reload the app or reboot your device. If it doesn't help, contact the customers support. The phone number is on a sticker on the reader.
The app shows one of the following messages:
  • Payment declined
  • Unable to complete the payment
Problem with the client's card: ask your client to pay using another method.
Please note: if you make 15 failed payments within 24 hours, the reader will be blocked until the end of the day.
The app shows the message:
Exceeded limit
Ask your client to pay using other method.
The limits for one reader:
  • maximum amount of one payment — 15,000 rubles
  • you can accept up to 100,000 rubles a day and 500,000 rubles a month via one reader.
The app shows one of the following messages:
  • Cannot process the payment
  • Invalid card number
  • Incorrect request parameters
Start the payment process again. If the error persists, ask your client to use other payments method and contact our Support Service afterwards: +7 495 197-86-86. You will need to tell your shopId.
The app shows the message:
Payment acceptance at this mPOS is suspended
Contact our Support Service: +7 495 197-86-86. You will need to tell your shopId.