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Immediately after registration, you can specify the information for the contract and fill in the settings. You can do this simultaneously but it's preferrable to send the information first: while our managers are handling it, you can deal with the settings.
With the non-Russian companies, we work under different scenario.
Information for the contract
Several sections are required for drawing up a contract. You can fill them out in any order but you can send the information for verification only after all the sections are completely filled in (and each one has a checked green circle next to it).
Payment acceptance
Specify the address of your website if you're going to accept payments on the website.
If you're going to accept payments without a website, select your method from the list. When you're selecting a method, additional fields will appear that also need to be filled out.
Once this section is filled out, click Save and continue to proceed to the next one.
Specify BIC of the bank managing your checking account. The following information about the bank will automatically appear below: name, correspondence account, city.
Specify the Account number of your company: it will be used for making settlements.
If you're registered as a legal entity, the Legal address field will be uneditable: we will fill it in automatically based on the information provided by the Tax service. If the address is not filled in, it means we haven't recieved the information from the Tax service yet. Nothing to worry about: just proceed to the next section.
The box specifying that legal address (or registration address) matches the address for communication is checked by default. If your legal address (or registration address) isn't the same as the address for communication, uncheck the box and specify the valid address for sending the correspondence.
If you're registered as an individual entrepreneur, enter the registration address from your passport.
Information about the head manager
Specify the full name of the head manager, their occupation title, citizenship, and address of registration (as in the passport).
Then fill in all the passport details (exactly as in the passport) and upload a scan of the head manager's passport:
  • We need two pages: the main one, and the one with the registration.
  • Scan the original passport: scanned copy of a copy won't do.
  • Scans should be clear and uncut; suitable formats are PDF, JPG, PNG.
  • No extraneous marks (you do not need to write: 'true copy', 'for YooMoney', etc.).
If a representative of the director is going to sign the contract, check the Contract will be singed by a representative box. Then, fill in the representative's information, upload a scan of their passport, and the power of attorney information (number and date). Legal questions
Add the information of the beneficial owners. If there are no beneficiaries, uncheck this item and select the reason for their absence from the list.
After that, a few legal questions. If the selected option does not suit you, uncheck the box and select the appropriate one.
Application Reviewing
Once all fields are filled in, you can send the information for verification: it takes 1-2 business days. Verification results will be sent to the email address you specified during the registration.
If we find errors or need to clarify some information, we will send a message to your Merchant Profile and an email where we'll explain what needs correcting.
Signing a contract
Once the verification is completed, the page for signing the contract will appear in your Merchant Profile.
  1. Download the contract (onboarding application) and print it out.
  2. Date, sign, and seal (if you have one) the last page. Sign (with your full name) all the other pages.
  3. Отсканируйте все страницы договора и загрузите сканы в личном кабинете — нам на подпись.
After we sign the contract (it takes from 1 to 3 business days), it will be available for downloading in your Merchant Profile.
Можно подписать цифровой подписью
Если у вас есть электронная цифровая подпись (КЭП), можно подписать договор ей — по этой инструкции