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Integration for switching from Sber
Implementing payments via YooMoney API is the optimal solution for payment acceptance in YooMoney. However, for companies that switched from Sber, we kept the usual protocol: Programming interface (API) of SberBank
When implementing payments via the SberBank API, you won't have to set up integration from scratch. But after switching to YooMoney, you need to take into account some specifics:
  • The transaction reports in YooMoney are different from those in SberBank.
  • Single-phase payments can't be canceled. You can only refund them with the payment fee charged.
  • You will need to make refunds for transactions completed before you switched to YooMoney via SberBank.
  • You will have to re-link all cards saved for regular payments.
In addition, after implementing via the SberBank API, you will not have access to all the YooMoney's features.
Comparison of different protocols features
YooMoney APIProgramming interface (API) of SberBank
Payment acceptance methods
Bank cards, YooMoney, SberPay, Tinkoff Pay, Mir Pay, FPS, and other wallets
New methods are being added regularly.
Bank cards, Mir Pay, SberPay, FPS.
No new methods will be added.
Sending receipts in accordance with 54-FZYesSolution is being developed
YooMoney mobile appYesLimited functionality