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Transaction reports
YooMoney generates daily reports on successful payments and refunds for the past 24 hours (by Moscow time). You could use them, for example, to verify settlements or to prepare tax returns. Access to the reports is available to the Owner, Manager, and Accountant
Verification of settlements is a mandatory condition when working with YooMoney. To verify settlements, you must use the transaction reports. The list file that can be downloaded from Payment History is not suitable here. If there are discrepancies during verification, please contact us via merchants@yoomoney.ru
Daily transaction reports are automatically sent to your email address. If there were no payments or refunds during the day, you will receive a report with no transactions (this can be disabled for the adjustable reports).
Standard and adjustable reports
Now YooMoney offers adjustable reports that have more settings and features.
Merchants who use Safe Deal will still have standard reports: see instructions for standard reports