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Documents and Contract
Entire onboarding process for Russian company, including furnishing the contract, is made via Merchant Profile.
Onboarding for non-Russian residents starts under Merchant Profile, and some steps are passed via our manager.
More about the contract in the General Terms and Conditions of the YooMoney Service.
Entering into Contract
  1. Sign up in the Merchant Profile.
  2. Fill out an application—company address, banking details, and contact information.
  3. Upload a scanned copy of your CEO's passport (and other documents that may be required).
  4. Подпишите договор, который подготовят в ЮKassa — либо распечатайте и подпишите как обычно, либо воспользуйтесь электронной подписью (КЭП).
  5. Загрузите подписанный договор в личном кабинете.
What Documents to Upload
The only obligatory document is passport.
Sole proprietors need to provide sole proprietor's passport.
Corporations need to provide their CEO's passport
You might also need to provide the following:
  • if your company's business is subject to licensing, provide the licenses' scanned copies;
  • if the signatory of the contract is not your company's chief executive, you need to provide: scanned copy of the chief executive's representative and scanned copy of signatory power.
How long does onboarding take
Usually, three business days. During this time, we check the application form and the scan of the passport that you have uploaded in your Merchant Profile.
The time that technical integration will take depends on your specialists.
Checking the connection status
You can check the connection status in your Merchant Profile: we indicate the status of both technical and company questionnaires and the steps required for completing the process.
For Non-Russian Companies
  1. Sign up in the Merchant Profile.
  2. Download the questionnaire about your company, fill it out and upload it under your Merchant Profile.
  3. Complete identification.
The identification confirms your company is officially incorporated. The identification process depends on your country's legislation: our manager will tell you about the options after looking through your application.