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Отправка чеков через онлайн-кассу
Чтобы чеки отправлялись в налоговую через кассовый аппарат или сервис облачных касс, нужно:
  1. Buy or rent an online sales register.
  2. Enter into a contract with a fiscal data operator.
  3. Get a qualified electronic signature (required to sign up your online sales register at the Tax Service).
  4. Sign up your sales register at the Tax Service: in the Taxpayer Personal Office of a legal entity or sole proprietorship on the nalog.ru website.
  5. Submit fiscal data to the Tax Service via your online sales register after each payment.
Вы можете принимать платежи через ЮKassa, а данные для чека отправлять в онлайн-кассу любым способом. Если хотите, чтобы данные отправлялись через ЮKassa автоматически прямо в момент оплаты — нужно настроить взаимодействие ЮKassa c онлайн-кассой.
Important: if you accept payments via mPOS, we can't sent data for receipts. You need to do it on your own.
How to set up the interaction between YooMoney and the online sales register
Step 1. Sign up for YooMoney
If you haven't signed up yet.
Step 2. Prepare an online sales register
Buy or rent an online sales register from one of our partners, enter into a contract with a fiscal data operator, and sign up your online sales register at the Tax Service.
Step 3. Configure the settings on YooMoney's side
You can do it in your Merchant Profile: read the manual in the documentation
Step 4. Set up how fiscal data is submitted on your side
  • If you work via the API, see the manual in our documentation
  • If you use CMS or a different system, just update your payment module after you change the settings in YooMoney.
  • If you issue invoices in your Merchant Profile, you don't need to do anything: we already have the details of your orders and we'll send them to your online sales registers on our own.
How it works
For example, a customer makes a payment in your online store:
  1. Along with a payment request, YooMoney receives data for the receipt: names of the products, their number and price, the VAT rate, and customer's email address.
  2. YooMoney sends the data for the receipt to your online sales register and waits for the response.
  3. The online sales register records the details of the sale to the fiscal drive.
  4. The fiscal drive assigns the fiscal attribute and other payment details to the receipt and controls how the receipt is sent to the fiscal data operator.
  5. The online sales register notifies YooMoney that there are no problems with the receipt.
  6. The fiscal data operator sends the receipt details to the Tax Service.
  7. The fiscal data operator can also send the receipt to the customer (it's an additional feature).
Supported online sales register services
Support for others services is in development.