The whole process is done online in YooMoney’s Merchant Profile. We send guiding emails at every step.
Step 1

Sign up for YooMoney

To sign up for YooMoney, you will need a phone number and email address. If you already have a YooMoney account linked to your number, you can use it. You will be granted immediate access to the Merchant Profile and a personal manager who will help you during the onboarding process and afterwards.

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Step 2

Enter into a contract

The onboarding process requires only the director’s passport and sometimes a license (for some types of business activities). The onboarding and the processing of your documents are done online in your Merchant Profile, so you won’t need to come to our office personally. We will create an onboarding application form based on the data you sent via Merchant Profile, and then we will enter into a contract.

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Contract and documentation for non-residents of the Russian Federation depend on the country

Step 3

Complete the integration process

We offer convenient API, developer tools, ready-made CMS modules, and invoicing directly from your Merchant Profile.

Integration via API

The option for companies that need a fully customizable solution with the largest number of features: enable all payment methods available via YooMoney, repeat payments without customer’s participation (but with their consent), make payments with preauthorization, create custom payment forms using mobile and web SDKs, and more.
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Quick start

Easiest option for development: one payment button on your side, the customer will select the payment method at the YooMoney’s website.
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Payment method selection on your side

Payment method is selected at your website. The request for generating the payment with a certain payment method is sent to YooMoney.
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Custom web forms

Create a payment form with your own design using the Checkout.js JavaScript library
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Payments in mobile apps

Our mobile SDKs for iOS and Android allow embedding native payment forms into apps, so the customer won’t have to leave the app during the payment process.
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Ready-made solutions

CMS modules

Enable payment acceptance without additional development: the module is ready, you just need to install it and specify the settings. YooMoney modules are compatible with most of the popular CMS, SaaS, CRM, and frameworks.
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Once you’ve entered into the contract with YooMoney, you’ll be able to send invoices to users. This is a separate service available in Merchant Profile where you can add products and customers and send invoices via email, text messages, or as a special link.
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Email protocol

Add a few lines to your website’s code to get the payment button. Notifications about successful payments will be sent to your email.
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Ready to start?

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