54-FZ: the offer from YooMoney

Ready-made solution in accordance with Federal Law No. 54-FZ for our clients: we’ll help you set up the process of interacting with your online sales register.
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We work with the following online sales register providers

Turn-key solution
Cloud-based solution
Online sales register
Online payments
Offline payments
Courier payments
Cloud-based sales register for rent + turn-key projects
The service will help you register an online sales register at the tax service, connect it to the fiscal data operator, set up the sales register at the processing center, and get a qualified electronic signature (QES), if needed.
  • Fiscal drive

  • Contract with the fiscal data operator

  • Registration at the tax service

  • Generation of a QES

  • Sales registers are serviced by the provider

Price per year:
from 23 000 
This offer is indefinite
Cloud-based online sales register for rent
Online payments
Offline payments
Courier payments
  • Fiscal driver

  • Contract with the fiscal data operator

  • Sales registers are serviced by the provider

Cloud-based online sales register for rent
Online payments
Offline payments
Courier payments
  • Fiscal driver

  • Contract with the fiscal data operator

  • Sales registers are serviced by the provider

Mobile online sales register for sale or rent
Online payments
Offline payments
Courier payments
  • Fiscal driver

  • Contract with the fiscal data operator

  • Turn-key setup for online sales registers

  • 6-month installment plan provided by Modulbank

Smart terminal for online stores
Online payments
Offline payments
Courier payments
  • Fiscal driver

  • Contract with the fiscal data operator

  • Turn-key setup for online sales registers

  • 6-month installment plan provided by Modulbank

Software for integrating the online sales register with the store
Online payments
Offline payments
Courier payments
  • Support of 70+ online sales registers

  • Equipment delivery and turn-key setup

Legislation requirements

Buy or rent an online sales register

Applied to everyone, including online stores that don’t use actual sales registers. Only online sales registers with a fiscal drive and the internet access are suitable.

Send receipts to Tax Service

Online at the moment of payment via the fiscal data operator (which is why the sales register should always be online).

Send order information

The receipt must include the name of the product, price, VAT rate, information about you, and the information about the online sales register.

FFD 1.05: we support the new format

Starting on 1 January, all product receipts are required to include two new mandatory parameters:

  • payment subject — the category of product you sell,

  • payment method — your means of accepting payments from customers.

More in Help

For those who already work with YooMoney

  • Additional development and instructions for API

    View the YooMoney API documentationView the documentation for the old protocol
  • Payment module in CMS

    New parameters will eventually appear in the YooMoney modules. You can find out more information by contacting your platform’s support service or the module creators.

  • Online sales register settings

    If you work with ATOL Online, change your settings to switch to the new format. No setup is needed for other online sales registers.

    More about settings

New VAT rate

The VAT rate changes from 1 January 2019. From this moment we will send new values to your online sales register during payments and refunds: 20% (instead of 18%) or 20/120 (instead of 18/118). No additional development is required, everything will work on its own.
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Changes in the payment process

Before the legislation

  1. Customer pays for the order

  2. Payment is sent to your store

  3. Seller at the counter prints the receipt and gives it to the customer

  4. Tax Service receives the information about the sale

After the legislation

  1. Customer pays for the order

  2. Payment is sent to your store

  3. The electronic receipt is generated in the online sales register, then sent to the fiscal data operator

  4. The fiscal data operator receives the receipt, sends it to the Tax Service and to the customer (via email or text message)

  5. Tax Service receives the information from the fiscal data operator

YooMoney solution for 54-FZ

Imagine you’ve set up your new online sales register, and the first customer has paid for their order.
Everything’s simple offline:
the cashier enters the name of the product and the price in the new sales register and prints the receipt (it also gets sent to the Tax Service!).
Online it’s a bit harder:
you’ll somehow need to inform the sales register that the payment has been made and it’s time to generate the receipt, and send the names and prices of products (or services) that you were paid for.
We’ll make it easier for you
We’ll send the payment information to your online sales register. Names and prices of products, customer information—everything that’s needed for generating a receipt and sending it to the Tax Service.
You’ll need to:
Set up the online sales register, get it registered at the Tax Service, and enter into a contract with the fiscal data operator (YooMoney won’t be able to help you with that).

How to activate our solution

  1. Sing up for YooMoney

    You can do it here

  2. Install the online sales register

    Buy, rent, or modify yours. All online sales registers provided by our partners are acceptable

  3. Enter into a contract with the fiscal data operator

    Select the fiscal data operator at the Tax Service’s website

  4. Register the online sales register

    At the Tax Service’s website (QES required)

  5. Set up the online sales register

    Enter the model and the passwords for interacting with your online sales register in the YooMoney’s Merchant Profile.More about setting up

  6. Complete the integration process

    Everything will start working if you’re using the payment module, additional development is required if you’re using API.More about integration

Payment modules

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Questions about the online sales registers, 54-FZ, and everything else

About the legislation
What is 54-FZ anyway
  • After every settlement (the act of payment acceptance), the seller has to send the information about it to the Tax Service (fiscal data operator).

  • This should be done via special organizations called fiscal data operators (FDO).

  • Receipts can only be generated by the online sales register, a system that has Internet access to send the receipt to the FDO (via email or text message).

When does the legislation come into force

It already has: since 1 July 2017, online stores are required to comply with it, i.e send electronic receipts to customers and Tax Service via the FDO.

If the payment is made via bank card or in cash (for example, on delivery), the receipts should be sent right now.

If the payment is made using any other method (with electronic money or via online banking), the receipts should be sent from 1 July 2018 (right now it’s optional).

Who should comply with the legislation and set up the online sales register?

Online stores and any services selling something and accepting payments (for example, via YooMoney), including those who sell subscriptions, digital goods and services, or accepts payments via a mobile point-of-sale.

What about charities?

No, because the settlements that fall under 54-FZ are understood as:

  • crediting or debiting of money for products, services,

  • bet acceptance and payments on winnings,

  • payment acceptance for lottery tickets.

Charitable organizations and funds that accept donations via YooMoney don’t engage in these types of settlements meaning they don’t need to send receipts to the Tax Service.

What about patent work?

Distance trading is not allowed for patent systems, and the use of online sales register is mandatory since 1 July 2018. If you already have a sales register, you need to upgrade it or change it to an online sales register. If you accept payments online, the new legislation has already entered into force for you.

What about the simplified taxation system?

If you accept payments online and work by the simplified taxation system, then yes, you need an online sales register.

What about transfers between legal entities, from bank account to bank account?

The online sales register is not required for cashless transfers between legal entities as they don’t produce a receipt. If we’re talking about a transfer by the order from an individual, then the receipt is required, and so is the online sales register.

What about payouts?

The online sales register is a requirement (according to the legislation) but YooMoney doesn’t have a solution for interacting with an online sales register during payouts (and there are no plans to create one yet).

About online sales registers and receipts
What is an online sales register?

In short, the online sales register is a new sales register with a fiscal drive and Internet access that can interact with the FDO.

The sales register is in Moscow, but the client’s in Vladivostok. What payment time will be recorded in the receipt?

The online sales register has an internal real time clock. The time shown in the receipt is determined in accordance with the time zone of the region where the sales register is set up, so in this case it will be Moscow time (UTC+3:00).

Can I move the online sales register to another place?

You need to indicate two addresses to operate the online sales register:

  • The address of the place of registration that the Federal Tax Service can use to find the online sales register, if necessary. If you’d like to change it, you will need to re-register the sales register at the Tax Service.

  • The address of the place of use indicated at payment. It may vary: couriers indicate the address where they receive money from the customer, online stores indicate the address of the website.

Should the receipt contain the list of all products?

Yes, all products with prices and the VAT rate.

Exclusions: individual entrepreneurs working on patents, simplified tax systems, single tax on imputed income, single agricultural tax (without excise) can omit the nomenclature until 1 February 2021.

Do two online stores require two online sales registers?

If the stores are registered for different legal entities (or individual entrepreneurs), two sales registers are required.

If there’s only one legal entity, one sales register will be enough.

About the interaction with YooMoney by 54-FZ
Does the legislation allow accepting payments via YooMoney?

Yes, the legislation does not concern that at all: you can accept payments using any methods (no matter which payment service or bank provides the payment acceptance tools and how you interact with it).

But if you sell goods or services online, then, in most cases, you must comply with the requirements of 54-FZ, i.e set up an online sales register and send receipts to the Tax Service in real time.

How is the information about the payments via YooMoney supposed to be sent to the Tax Service?
What’s required for that?

The legislation does not specify that. You can use the YooMoney solution or implement any other.

Which payment methods available from YooMoney are covered by the legislation? Are there any nuances?

The legislation applies to all methods of payment but there are nuances:

  • the requirements are applied to bank cards and cash starting on 1 July 2017,

  • the requirements are applied to other methods starting on 1 July 2018.

Where does the receipt sent to the customer come from?

The receipt is generated by your online sales register but you can send it to the Tax Service, FDO, or other services on your own.

Is it not enough to have YooMoney just send the receipt to the customer?

No, this is not a receipt from the sales register but a payment confirmation. We don’t send it to the Tax Service, and it doesn’t go through the sales register.

What amount should I indicate in the receipt if the amount credited to current account excludes the YooMoney fee?

The receipt must contain the amount paid by the customer: this is the settlement amount. The YooMoney fee is indicated by the company in the account as an expense.

I receive money from YooMoney only on the day after the payment. When should I report and send the receipt?

You must send the receipt immediately, at the “time of payment” (Clause 1, Article 4.3) and (Part 2, Article 5, 54-FZ). The Federal Tax Service allows slight deviations in time, but not more than 5 minutes from the time of payment. YooMoney notifies the store about the transactions instantly via API or email (depending on your integration method).

Is YooMoney (and YooMoney) a payment agent?

A clear definition of a payment agent is provided in Article 2, Part 3 of 103-FZ «On the activity of accepting payments from individuals carried out by payment agents»: a legal entity, with the exception of a credit organization, or an individual entrepreneur carrying out the activity of accepting payments from individuals.

YooMoney is a non-bank credit organization. The legislation states that the credit organizations are not payment agents, so YooMoney (as provided by 54-FZ) has exactly the same duties as the banks that provide online stores with online acquiring services, and these duties do not include the dispatch of electronic fiscal receipts.

Why doesn’t YooMoney deal with FDO by itself?

YooMoney accepts payments, FDO sends the receipt to the Tax Service. The store with the online sales register is located between us, and 54-FZ states that this sales register is supposed to send the electronic receipt to the FDO that in turn sends it to the Tax Service.

We don’t have our own online sales registers, and we don’t have the rights to host them (as we need a license), therefore, we won’t be able to «deal with FDO». We’ve developed a solution for integration with the services that allow you to buy or rent an online sales register.

About the YooMoney solution for 54-FZ
Which CMS, CRM, SaaS support the transfer of information about the transaction carried out via YooMoney to the online sales register?

Check our list of payment modules. It’s always up to date.

View the list of modules
Which online sales register providers work with YooMoney?

Atol ONLINE, Modul.Kassa, Orange Data (Shtrikh-M), and all sales registers that can interact with the Business.ru Online Receipts service. Check the online sales registers section on this page: it definitely contains up to date information as well as more details and conditions.

What if we work with another online sales register provider?

You’ll have to develop the integration process on your own or send the receipts manually.

How to activate the YooMoney solution for 54-FZ?

In a payment module:

  • Check if your payment module supports integration required for work in accordance with 54-FZ.

  • If it does, complete the registration process in the dashboard of your online sales register: you will need the login and the password of your online sales register. The code of the sales registers’ group (or a similar identifier) might be required.

  • Enable the transfer of receipt data in the module at your website.

  • Fill out the settings in YooMoney Merchant Profile: select our solution for transferring information, specify your login, password, and the code of the sales registers' group (if required). View manual

On your in-house website:

  • Complete the registration process in the dashboard of your online sales register: you will need the login and the password of your online sales register. The code of the sales registers’ group (or a similar identifier) might be required.

  • Perform additional development: teach your website to send us the information required to generate a receipt. View protocol: for integration by HTTP protocol | for integration by API

  • Fill out the settings in YooMoney merchant Profile: select our solution for transferring information, specify your login, password, and the code of the sales registers' group. View manual

What happens to the receipt after a refund?

If you’ve integrated our solution for working with the online sales register, then your sales register will generate receipts for all transactions carried out via YooMoney. First the sales register generates a successful payment receipt, then a refund receipt (if you make the refund via YooMoney by API, in CMS, or from Merchant Profile).

What time of payment is indicated in the receipt?

ModulKassa: the time zone of the region where the sales register is located. You can specify it manually.

Atol ONLINE: Moscow time (UTC+3:00).

Orange Data: Moscow time (UTC+3:00).

If the payment was processed but the receipt was generated later, what date will be indicated in the receipt?

This might happen if your online sales register won’t respond to our requests (the «Sending the receipt within 3 days» work scheme).

In this case, the receipt will contain the date when it was generated (as opposite to the date of payment).

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