YooMoney for marketplaces

A solution that helps online platforms and marketplaces manage their cash flow. Customers pay for products and services provided by various merchants, and YooMoney sends the required amount to each merchant automatically.
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for companies with a turnover of over 700,000 Р per month
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Direct payments

To a single merchant
Multiple merchants

Suitable for

Food delivery services

Features of YooMoney for marketplaces

Cash flow management

Transfer money to merchants right after the payment or after a customer gets the product. If a customer canceled their order, the payment can be refunded in full or partially.

Direct settlements between customers and merchants

No need to process payments via marketplace’s correspondent account—no extra workload on accountants or paperwork.

One payment—multiple recipients

Improve your customers’ payment experience. Regardless of how many products there is in the cart, the payment will only be debited once, and YooMoney will process the splitting between merchants.

Your commission on your terms

Fixed, based on merchant’s turnover or product category, or calculated using a different formula. Set the most profitable commission rates and receive money on the following day after an order is paid.

One solution for payments and receipts

Send payment details to merchant’s online sales register via the

YooMoney API

. A receipt is created within a few seconds and then sent to the customer right away.

Convenient payment methods

Customer pays via bank card, e-wallet, or any other preferred


, while you increase the payment conversion rate.


Ready-made payment form
Integrate it into your website or app or simply redirect your customer to the YooMoney payment page.
Simple integration
Activate the ready-made payment module if your platform is on CS-Cart Marketplace. If you developed your website on your own, use our code templates.
Payment analytics always at hand
All information about payments on the marketplace is available in the convenient Merchant Profile. Monitor sales rates, profit, average order value, amount of refunds, and much more.

Fast onboarding of merchants

  1. You apply for onboarding of a merchant in your YooMoney Merchant Profile

  2. We send the registration link to the merchant

  3. The merchant enters into a contract with us

  4. When everything’s ready, the status of the application in the Merchant Profile will change

Pricing and conditions

Integration with YooMoney featuring payment splitting: free of charge.
YooMoney’s commission for the merchant: from 2.8%. Charged only for successful payments.
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How to integrate

  1. Sign up for YooMoney

  2. Notify your manager that you’d like to activate the solution for marketplaces

  3. Complete integration via API

  4. Add the form for payment acceptance to your website

  5. Integrate merchants

  6. Accept payments, while YooMoney processes the splitting between merchants

Ready to start?

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for companies with a turnover of over 700,000 Р per month
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