How to implement the Installments feature on your website

After signing up for YooMoney and discussing the terms of accepting payments on installment plans with the manager, you can embed the buttons at your website.

Add buttons to your website

You can use ready-made buttons or develop your own solution based on our API libraries and methods. CMS works as well.

Button in the cart

If you integrate this button in the cart, the customer will see that they can pay for the purchase in installments (for example, 10,000  per month), htmlclick the button, proceed to YooMoney, sign up for the installment plan, and return to you.

Add this button using our manual, and it will show the minimum payment amount per month, generated automatically.

How to add the button

Information block in product’s description

Information block is an addition for the button that activates the process of registration for the installment plan. The button is integrated in the cart, and the block is placed in product’s description card. It is designed to inform the customer they can pay for this product in installments.

The block contains minimum payment amount per month, but it will not redirect the customer to the registration process: it is only possible to sign up for an installment plan from the cart.

How to add the block

Button at YooMoney’s page

If you accept payments using the scenario, where the customer selects the payment method at YooMoney’s side, ask the manager to activate the feature and your customers will be able to pay in installments.

All you’ll need to do is place the information blocks at your website so the customers will know they can use an installment plan to pay for a purchase.

More about paying via YooMoney

CMS is ready

If your module already includes the Installments feature (ask your manager about that), just update the module and enable the feature in the settings.

Another option: almost all payment modules allow enabling the scenario with the payment method selection on YooMoney’s side. After you do that, the Installments option will be shown to all of your customers (after you’ve entered into a contract with us).

Customized solution

For in-house developed websites:

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