Library for mobile apps

Our mobile SDKs are easily integrated into apps for iOS and Android. The interface is ready-made: a few lines of code and you’ll be able to accept payments in the app.
Available payment methods
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In-App Payments

The user doesn’t have to leave the app as the payment forms are built into it.

One-click payments

Customer confirms they’re ready to pay, and the funds are debited from their YooMoney wallet.

Simple integration

You upload the library, add a few lines to the app’s code, and get a payment mechanism ready for work.

Cards without PCI DSS

Requests for bank card payments use a one-time token that you can get via mobile SDK.

Install the demo app to view interfaces and payment process via mobile SDK.

By clicking this button, you accept the license agreement

To install the demo app for iOS, click the button from your iPhone or iPad. Download and install Testflight, accept the license agreement, then install the mSDK app.

Payment process

  1. Customer selects the payment method in the app.

  2. The mobile SDK built into the app receives a one-time payment token from YooMoney.

  3. The app initiates the payment on the store’s server.

  4. The store’s server sends the payment request to YooMoney.

  5. YooMoney sends the payment results to store’s server, the store sends them to the app.

Payment methods

Bank card

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, MIR


YooMoney wallet or linked cards

Google Pay

Mastercard and Visa
This payment method works only for the Android app. You will need to complete an additional verification process from Google Pay to enable it.

Apple Pay

Mastercard and Visa
This payment method works only for the iOS app. You will need to exchange the certificates with Apple and YooMoney to enable it.

Sberbank Online

The customer receives a text message via Sberbank’s Mobile bank, they confirm the payment by responding with another text message.

How to enable payments via mobile SDK

  1. Tell the YooMoney manager you want to integrate mobile SDK.

  2. Complete the integration with YooMoney by API.

  3. Download SDK for iOS or Android and add it to the app.

  4. Issue a key for client apps in your YooMoney Merchant Profile.

  5. Implement the system of sending a one-time token to your system.

  6. Send payment requests by API with a payment token as you do for all payments on the website.

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