Invoicing in Merchant Profile

The service allows issuing invoices directly from your Merchant Profile without additional development or even a website. It takes just a few moments to create an invoice and send it to the customer, and then you can monitor the payment process.
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How it works

  1. You create an invoice containing products, prices and the customer’s contact information in the special section of the Merchant Profile.

  2. Send the invoice to the customer via email, text message, or as a direct link.

  3. They see the list of products, select a payment method (from the ones you enabled), and pay via YooMoney.

Sending the invoice


An email with a list of products and the amount, just like the one sent for an order in an online store. The customer clicks the button and proceeds to checkout.

Text message

A text message with a link to a separate page containing all the order information and the Pay button.

Direct link

The same link as the one in the text message – leads to the list of products, but you decide how to send it. Suitable for chat sales.

Invoice history

You can monitor the payment process by the status and find an invoice by any parameters, for example, the customer’s name. You can cancel the invoice before it’s paid or specify its due date.


Maintain lists of products and customers to have faster access to invoicing. Create an invoice, and the details will be saved automatically.


Edit an invoice and send it to another customer.

Federal Law 54-FZ support

If you use the YooMoney’s solution for 54-FZ, specify the product name, customers contact details, and the VAT rate in the invoice. All this information will be sent to your online sales register during payment, and it will generate a receipt for the tax service.

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