B2B payments

Accept online payments from legal entities via Sberbank Business Online. Customer clicks the button on your website and proceeds to invoice payment. Right after the payment you will receive a payment confirmation. Now you can ship the goods.
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B2B payments
B2B payments
B2B paymentsB2B payments

How it works

B2B payments
B2B payments
B2B payments
B2B payments
  1. Place an order and select payment via Sberbank Business Online.

  2. Proceed to the Sberbank website and log in to your account.

  3. Confirm the invoice payment with a code sent in a text message.

  4. Done.
    Invoice is paid!

Typical payment process for legal entities

  1. Place an order.

  2. Receive an invoice.

  3. Generate a payment order.

  4. Send the payment using the payment order.

You will be notified about the payment only when the money is credited to your account. This takes up to 3 business days.

Fast and easy payment with YooMoney

  1. Place an order on the website.

  2. Click Pay.

  3. Confirm the payment with a code sent in a text message.

Both you and your customer will receive the payment confirmation immediately.


Online settlements

Company pays you as a regular customer—the payment process is fully online.

Fast results

Payment confirmation comes immediately after the payment.

More payments

Customers see a convenient payment method—your conversion rate increases.

Lower expenses

You reduce the expenses on storing the goods and processing payments.
YooMoney, NBCO LLC doesn’t guarantee achievements of any indicators or the reduction of expenses as a result of implementation of B2B payments.

Pricing and terms of use

Accept up to 5 mln  per day via B2B payments.

Contact us to learn more.

Suitable for

Those who sell wholesale, are involved in the tourism industry, or often accept payments from companies.

B2B payment acceptance is available to all companies that are connected to YooMoney and have an account in any Russian bank.

To make payments, customers need a bank account in Sberbank as well as access to Sberbank Business Online.

How to integrate

  1. Sign up for YooMoney.
    Open a checking account in any Russian bank if you don’t have one yet.

  2. Tell your YooMoney manager that you want to accept B2B payments.

  3. Transfer us a security deposit for commission charges.

  4. Complete integration via the YooMoney API.

  5. Place the special button for payments via Sberbank Business Online on your website.

  6. Done. Now you can accept payments from legal entities.

Ready to start?

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