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YooMoney is an IT company working with electronic payments on the Internet, creating and supporting financial services for individuals and businesses.
YooMoney for Business is the service for accepting online payments for businesses, it was designed and launched by YooMoney in 2013.
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17 years of successful experiments

We know everything about online money and how to work with it. Using our services, you can send and receive transfers, pay for games, mobile services, and utilities, set up payment acceptance on your website, take or repay a loan, issue a physical or virtual bank card, protect your business from fraud, and more. YooMoney uses the entirety of our successful experience.

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Russia and the world

Most of our users live and work within Russia, but you can pay with our card and accept payments in many different countries. YooMoney has offices located in Russia, Europe, and China. There you can complete the identification process, resolve serious issues. Each YooMoney partner is assigned a personal manager who can always assist by phone or email.

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900+ staff members

Many different people develop our services: developers and managers, support services workers, designers and administrators, testers, analysts, and other important specialists. If you want to make the lives of people around you more comfortable, and if you like to work with interesting cases, join our team.


Service for individuals: e-wallet, bank cards, money transfers, and payments for services. The most recognizable e-wallet in Russia.


Service for businesses: payment acceptance, payouts to clients, payment solutions for business. The most popular payment aggregator in Russia according to MARC.

History of YooMoney


A long time ago, at the beginning of runet, the payment core called PayCash was born. Yandex.Money is launched around it in partnership with Yandex. Users install the desktop app and transfer each other money, from wallet to wallet.


Yandex.Money develops a web interface that provides all the available features, making the desktop app unnecessary.


The service enters into partnership with large Russian banks, including Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB-24, and others.


The option to link bank cards to the wallet is introduced as well as the payment portal for tickets, video games, mobile provider services, and other products and services.


Yandex.Checkout is launched as the solution for business with the ability to accept payments to the company’s bank account.


Yandex.Checkout starts accepting cash payments within CIS via local banks and payment kiosks.


New Yandex.Checkout API is launched providing all the payment methods as well as new features.


Yandex.Checkout introduces Mobile SDK, the tool for seamless payments in mobile apps, and Installments, the service of online installment plans issued within the Yandex.Money interface.

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