SDK for Android
The library allows you to implement payment acceptance into Android mobile apps and acts as an extension to the YooMoney API.
Mobile SDK includes ready-made payment interfaces, such as the payment form and everything related to it. Using the SDK, you can receive tokens for processing payments made via bank cards, Google Pay, SberBank Online/SberPay, or the YooMoney for Shopping wallet.
Requirements: Android 5 or higher
Demo app
You can preview payment interfaces and the payment process in our special demo application. After installing the demo app, you will be able to experience the entire payment process from the point of view of your customers: click the Buy button, enter your bank card details or the YooMoney wallet details. The app allows you to play out different payment scenarios.
The app must be installed from a smartphone.
By downloading this demo app, you accept the license agreement.
Using the SDK
First of all, you need to implement payment acceptance via the YooMoney API. After that:
  1. Tell the manager you want to process payments using the mobile SDK.
  2. Once mobile SDK is enabled, issue a key for it in the Integration — API keys section of your Merchant Profile.
  3. Add the SDK to the app and configure it to generate one-time payment tokens using the instructions on GitHub (in Russian).
  4. Set up the process of sending one-time tokens from the mobile app to your system (for example, to the back-end of your website that interacts with YooMoney).
  5. Make payments using payment tokens via the YooMoney API.
SDK functionality
Using the SDK, you can:
  • tokenize user’s payment details;
  • for bank card payments, scan the card details and process 3-D Secure;
  • configure the payment form interface.
For tokenization debugging, you can use network request logging. Use the test mode to check if the SDK is integrated properly.
Learn more about the Android SDK functionality in our documentation on GitHub (in Russian).

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