Payment by 54-FZ
According to Federal Law No. 54-FZ, a fiscal receipt must be generated and sent to the Tax Service via an online sales register after every payment made for goods or services.
The Yandex.Checkout solution for working with 54-FZ allows you to set up the interaction with your online sales register. Yandex.Checkout transfers data required for generating a receipt to the online sales register (for example, the quantity and cost of goods), and receives the result. Read more about the interaction process
Electronic receipts sent out to users by Yandex.Checkout are not fiscal receipts. To comply with the law, you will need to generate receipts via the online sales register. Yandex.Checkout helps you automatize this process.
  1. Buy or rent an online sales register from one of Yandex.Checkout’s partners and enter into an agreement with the fiscal data operator (OFD).
  2. Fill in the settings for working under Federal Law No. 54-FZ in your Yandex.Checkout Merchant Profile.
  3. Set up the transfer of data for generating receipts for payments and refunds.
API Features
Using the Yandex.Checkout API, you can:
  • send data to the online sales register for generating receipts in accordance with the format of fiscal documents (FFD) 1.05;
  • create receipts for payments and refunds, including full receipts against advance payments or prepayments;
  • receive information about receipts generated via Yandex.Checkout.
Scenarios for sending the receipt
Yandex.Checkout API supports three scenarios for sending the data for generating receipt: Payment and receipt at the same time, Payment after receipt, and Receipt after payment. The scenarios differ by the method and time of sending the data for generating payment and refund receipts. Transaction completion receipts are always sent as a separate request.
Payment and receipt at the same time
This scenario will suit most stores.
How to send data:
Payment process and the sending of data for generating the receipt will take place simultaneously. Yandex.Checkout will be waiting for a response from the online sales register for the following three days. If, for some reason, the receipt fails to register, you can do it manually via the online sales register. Failure to register the receipt will not affect the payment.
To activate this scenario, select the Accept payment mode in the Settings — Online sales register section under your Merchant Profile.
Payment after receipt
This scenario is suitable for stores that need to ensure each payment has a corresponding receipt. For example, stores that sell digital goods.
How to send data:
Yandex.Checkout will send the data to the online sales register immediately after creating the payment object  and will wait for a response for the following five minutes. If the online sales register does not report a successful receipt registration within this timeslot, Yandex.Checkout will cancel the payment and return the money to the user.
To activate this scenario, select the Cancel payment mode in the Settings — Online sales register section under your Merchant Profile.
Receipt after payment
This scenario is suitable for stores that want to send the receipt and the payment separately and control this process independently using the Yandex.Checkout API. For example, stores that act as an agent. The scenario is mandatory for stores that list goods and services at marketplaces and accept payments via them.
How to send data:
In this scenario, requests to create a payment or refund must be submitted without a 
object. If you include
in these requests, Yandex.Checkout will return an error.
Yandex.Checkout will immediately send the data for registering a receipt to your online sales register, as well as send you the receipt object  in response to your request. If, for some reason, the receipt fails to register, the payment will not be affected in any way.
To activate this scenario, select the Don’t link payment and receipt mode in the Settings — Online sales register section under your Merchant Profile.
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