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Old versions of the API
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HTTP protocol
Please note: the HTTP protocol is an outdated implementation method. It is still active, but we do not onboard new partners with it. Our new implementation method is called API , and it is powered by the new YooMoney API.
More about integration under the new API
View documentation:
Below is an information about the HTTP protocol. We keep it for those who still uses it.
Getting Notified about Payments
We send notifications about payments via HTTP. The addresses for sending notifications to are defined in your Merchant Profile.
You can process the results as you like, and you need to make it by yourself. For instance:
  • change status of an order in your system: show it is paid for
  • signal for making delivery
  • open access to a game or software
  • or make anything else.
Methods of accepting payments: all provided by YooMoney.
All our features are available: setting up autopayments, linking bank cards, making pre-authorization, and performing all the rest.
You cannot issue invoices via your Merchant Profile, but it is easy to solve: you can activate a separate store for invoicing via your manager.
HTTPS (SSL certificate): add https:// before your site's address and check whether it can be opened. If it is not working, you need to issue a certificate
Step 1. Fill out application
Fill out an application for implementing YooMoney. You will get access to your Merchant Profile. Step 2. Select implementation method
  1. Sign in your Merchant Profile and push Fill out under the Settings section.
  2. Select HTTP protocol as your implementation method and push Proceed.
  3. Specify addresses for notifications and other parameters. Learn more
  4. Push Send.
You will get a message with parameters for work: shopId and scid.
Important. At first you get scid for a demo mode. It does not allow you accepting real payments. Step 3. Complete integration
  1. Place the payment form in your interface. More about the payment form
  2. Implement processing requests from YooMoney. Learn more: Order check and Notification about successful payment
  3. Conduct testing. Learn more: Testing details and Testing payments
Our technical specialists will check whether everything works smooth and assign you a scid for real payments.