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How to pay via YooMoney
To pay using this method, you will need a YooMoney wallet.
  1. Select the YooMoney payment method in the store where you are going to pay, or on the YooMoney page. Log in to your wallet, if necessary.
  2. Choose where to withdraw money: from the wallet or from a linked card. You can link your card to your wallet in the settings.
  3. To pay with a wallet, just click the button. To pay by card, enter CVC (this code consists of three or four digits on the back of the card).
  4. Confirm the payment, if required: usually YooMoney only asks for passwords for the most important transactions. If you want to confirm all transactions, use the Always ask for password button in the settings.
  5. Done. Payment is complete, and you can return to the website where you started the payment process by clicking the Return to the store button at the bottom of the page.