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November, 11
Now YooMoney has the test mode for those who'd like to test the features of the Protocol for mass payouts. You don't need to enter the information about your company or enter into a contract. Learn more about testing payouts via the API
July, 11
Протокол массовых выплат устарел, вместо него рекомендуется использовать API ЮKassa. Если хотите использовать новый API, напишите вашему менеджеру. Подробнее об отличиях API ЮKassa от Протокола массовых выплат
June, 28
  • Notifications about unsuccessful transfers (errorDepositionNotification) can now only be received for payouts to bank accounts and mobile phone balance. For payouts to bank cards, the result of each transaction is now known immediately.
  • For payouts to wallets, you no longer need to check if a payout is possible using the testDeposition request.
April, 14
Server SDKs (PHP, Python) have been moved from GitHub to the YooMoney repository.
April, 4
  • For payouts to bank cards and accounts, the option to specify INN (TIN), SNILS, and the OMS insurance policy number of the recipient has been added. For list-based payouts, the data must be specified in the new fields, for payouts under the protocol, it must be specified in the parameters pdr_oms, pdr_snils, pdr_inn.
  • The YooMoney form has changes in the order in which users enter the information to collect bank card data for payouts.
December, 24
You can now use ready-made PHP and Python-based SDKs to implement payouts via the API.
December, 13
YooMoney no longer supports testing notifications of failed transfers (errorDepositionNotification).
November, 8
For those who use the personal data collecting form of the recipient while making payouts to bank cards: now users can specify the details of the second document (Tax Identification Number (INN), SNILS or health insurance policy).
August, 6
Добавлена возможность делать выплаты самозанятым с автоматической регистрацией чека в сервисе Мой налог.
July, 20
It’s no longer possible to use a phone number as the user identifier for payouts to YooMoney wallets. To make a payout, enter the YooMoney wallet number. A phone number can only be entered in dstAccount for payouts to mobile phone balance.
July, 12
For those who use the personal data collecting form of the recipient while making payouts to bank cards:
  • Now you can use the user ID in YooMoney only for one year. Once the ID expires, you need to get a new one or collect personal data independently.
  • If you specify an expired user ID in the makeDeposition request, YooMoney will return an error with the code 160.
June, 22
  • The test gateway for testing payouts is now created manually.
  • Now you can send requests to the YooMoney server from any IP addresses.
May, 18
  • now you can check transfers to wallets with different statuses;
  • now you can check the unsuccessful scenario of transferring money to anonymous wallets (error=57).
March, 16
The address of the YooMoney data collecting form for payouts to bank cards has changed: the user must now be redirected to https://yookassa.ru/cardauth. The old address https://yoomoney.ru/cardauth/payout may also continue to be used.
December, 10
Requests for crediting payouts and for information about the balance now must be send to a new address: https://payouts.yookassa.ru:9094/
December, 4
  • A certificate issued by the NBCO YooMoney certificate authority is now required for authenticating connections to YooMoney’s servers. The certificate request application form, certification chain for verifying the end server certificate, and certificate revocation list (CRL) in the manual for getting a certificate have been updated.
  • Requests for getting a card synonym now must be sent to a new address: https://paymentcard.yoomoney.ru/gates/card/storeCard
  • Now users must be redirected to a new address for collecting data using the YooMoney form: https://yoomoney.ru/cardauth/payout
  • Email address for contacting YooMoney managers changed to merchants@yoomoney.ru.
May, 22
Now when you’re making list-based payouts, you can collect information about bank cards and recipients with the help of YooMoney. As a result, you get the synonym of the card and recipient’s ID which you can securely store on your side and submit to YooMoney when making payouts.
April, 24
Now you can get an extract about a successful payout from the register in your Merchant Profile.
December, 12
Added a new integration method, recipient list-based payouts.
July, 21
Reports on successful and returned payouts now contain information about the commission.
June, 28
  • we reduced the number of required fields for card transfers (makeDeposition);
  • we added the option to collect bank card data and personal user data on the YooMoney’s side.
June, 11
The YooMoney demo environment is removed from service. Use the test gateway to test payouts.
August, 25
The identification parameter is only returned in response to Transfer crediting when the transfer is addressed to a YooMoney wallet.
February, 28
For payouts to bank accounts or bank cards, the recipient’s passport information is checked immediately following the makeDeposition request.
January, 26
Updated information on:
  • For payouts to bank accounts, the recipient’s birth date must be indicated (pdr_birthDate).
  • The processing of a repeat deposit request makeDeposition with the same operation ID (clientOrderId) depends on what the values of the mandatory parameters are (clientOrderId, dstAccount и amount). If the values of these parameters in the source and repeat request are the same, then YooMoney will return the result from processing the request that was sent earlier. If the values differ, then the request will be declined.
December, 14
The description of payout reports clarifies that the recipient’s full name is provided only for payouts to bank cards and accounts.
September, 14
Added a description of the new format for the report on successful payouts.
September, 1
Launch of the public documentation.