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List-based payouts: overview
You can make payouts based on recipient lists. This method of integration does not require the implementation of the mass payouts protocol: all you need to do is fill out the template and upload it to the special form in Merchant Profile.
Scenarios for making payouts
  1. You prepare a file with information about payouts. Acceptable file formats are XLSX and CSV.
  2. You manually upload the file to a special form in your Merchant Profile.
  3. YooMoney verifies that the data is correct.
  4. If there are any errors, you fix them and reupload the file.
  5. If everything is correct, YooMoney generates a hash of the uploaded file using the SHA-256 algorithm and displays the hash as well as the total amount of payouts.
  6. Check the hash and the amount to verify that you’ve uploaded the current version of the file.
  7. After that, confirm payouts with text message passwords (they will be sent to the phone number linked to Merchant Profile).
  8. YooMoney will use your balance to transfer money to payout recipients. Payout statuses are displayed in Merchant Profile under Payout history.
Activating payouts
Step 1. Sign up for YooMoney. If you’re already registered, tell the manager that you want to make list-based payouts. Уточните, кто будет получать выплаты — самозанятые или физические лица. The manager will prepare a new gateway.
Step 2. Select the file format for transferring payout information. The XLSX format is suitable for filling out the information manually. CSV is suitable for those who want to import the data for payouts from another system.
Step 3. Test the filling out process:
  1. Prepare a file with test information.
  2. View your Merchant Profile and select the gateway for list-based payouts.
  3. Upload the file and check if everything is correct.
Step 4. If everything is in order, you can start making payouts to real customers.
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