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Types and limits of payouts
Using YooMoney for Business, you can make payouts to YooMoney for Shopping wallets, bank cards, bank accounts, and mobile phone numbers owned by individuals.
Types of payouts
Payouts to YooMoney for Shopping wallets
Payouts can be made to users of YooMoney for Shopping wallets with any status but not all legal entities can make payouts to anonymous wallets. Contact your YooMoney manager to learn more.
To make a payout, you will need the number of the user’s YooMoney for Shopping wallet.
Payouts to bank cards
Payouts can be made to bank cards issued by Russian and foreign banks if their owner is a citizen of the Russian Federation.
To make a payout, you need the bank card number.
For a regular payout (not from a business account), you also need recipient's personal information:
  • required: phone number and passport details i.e. full name, passport series, number, and date of issue, date of birth, nationality;
  • additional: residential information (needed only if the card was issued by a non-Russian bank or if the payout exceeds 15,000 rubles).
YooMoney verifies the personal information against the database of active passports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (as required by the legislation of the Russian Federation).
Payouts to bank accounts
Payouts can be made to a ruble account if its owner is a citizen of the Russian Federation.
How much information you need for a payout depends on your integration method:
  • Regular payouts: banking details of the account, the phone number linked to the account, and recipient's personal information (full name, passport series, number, and date of issue, date of birth, and the address of residence). YooMoney verifies personal information using the database of active passports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (as required by the legislation of the Russian Federation).
  • Payouts from a business account: banking details of the account and recipient's personal information (full name, passport series, number, and date of issue, and date of birth).
Payouts to mobile phone numbers
Payouts can be made to the accounts of subscribers of Russian mobile carriers: Megafon, Beeline, MTS, Tele2, Yota, SkyLink, Rostelecom, Tinkoff Mobile, Tattelekom, Smarts, Motiv, ETK, Sotel, Penza-GSM.
To make a payout, you will need the user’s phone number.
Limits on payouts
All types of payouts have restrictions on the minimum and maximum amounts as well as the total amount per day and month. If these limits are exceeded, the payout will not be processed.
For payouts to YooMoney wallets, the maximum payout amount depends on the limit for balance: after the payout, the wallet balance can’t exceed a certain amount that depends on the wallet user’s status. If the payout wasn’t processed due to the limit for balance, the recipient must change their status or spend the excessive amount on the balance.
To check the limits, select the relevant tab depending on what kind of payouts you make: regular or from a business account:
Regular payouts
Payouts from a business account
Payout typeOne-time limitLimits for the period
YooMoney for Shopping wallet
Limits depend on the wallet user’s status
Minimum – 1 ruble
The maximum limit depends on the current wallet balance. After the payout, the wallet balance can’t exceed a certain amount:
  • Anonymous wallet — 15 000 rubles;
  • Reviewed wallet — 60 000 rubles;
  • Identified wallet — 500 000 rubles
Monthly limit — 600,000 rubles
Bank card
Limits apply to all of the recipient’s bank cards together (we check by passport details).
Minumum — 100 rubles
Maximum — 60,000 rubles
Daily limit — 300,000 rubles
Monthly limit — 600,000 rubles
Bank Account
When making payouts, you need to specify the recipient’s phone number. Limits apply to all accounts linked to the same phone number as well as to all accounts of the recipient (we check by passport details).
Minimum – 20 rubles
Maximum – 60,000 rubles
Daily limit — 300,000 rubles
Monthly limit — 600,000 rubles
Mobile phone number
Minimum – 1 ruble
Maximum – 15,000 rubles
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