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Activating payouts
To activate payouts, you need to choose the activation method and the integration method, enter into a contract with YooMoney, and integrate with YooMoney following the selected scenario.
Choosing the activation method
You can make regular payouts and payouts from a business account. The only difference is the information required from the user to process a payout as well as the maximum payout limit. Learn more about payouts from a business account
Choosing the integration method
Using YooMoney for Business, you can make two types of payouts: under the protocol or based on a list of recipients.
Characteristics of the methodPayouts under the protocolList-based payouts
Scenarios for making payouts
To make a payout:
  1. You generate an XML document with payout information.
  2. Send the data by HTTP request.
To make a payout:
  1. You enter the payout information into a special XLSX or CSV file.
  2. Upload the file to a special form in your Merchant Profile.
  3. Confirm the payout by text message.
Integration optionsFrequent payouts to a large number of people. This requires payout automation.Infrequent payouts or payouts to a small number of people. No automation required.
Entering into a contract
To activate payouts, you need to enter into a contract with YooMoney for Business. If you aren’t using YooMoney for Business yet, submit an application to activate it.
Tell the manager that you need mass payouts. Уточните, кто будет получать выплаты — самозанятые или физические лица. The manager will send you a form that will be used as the basis for drawing up the contract. More about filling out documents
For payouts under the protocol, you need to implement a mass payouts protocol.
For list-based payouts, you only need to correctly fill out the XLSX or CSV file. The XLSX format is suitable for filling out the information manually. CSV is suitable for those who want to import the data for payouts from another system.
If you have completed all the steps, you can start making payouts to real customers.
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