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Integration via the protocol for mass payouts
You can automate payouts by integrating with YooMoney for Business via the protocol of mass payouts.
Protocol features
Using the YooMoney protocol, you can:
  1. Transfer money to all recipients at once (makeDeposition):
    • To YooMoney for Shopping wallets.
    • To bank cards.
    • To bank accounts.
    • To mobile phone numbers.
  2. Track the balance for payouts (balance).
  3. Get notifications of unsuccessful transfers to a bank account, or mobile phone (errorDepositionNotification).
  4. Делать выплаты самозанятым с регистрацией чека в сервисе Мой налог.
Using SDKs
You can use these ready-made libraries for integration with YooMoney via the the protocol for mass payouts:
Order of integration
  1. Get an agentId from your manager (your YooMoney gateway ID).
  2. Fill out the technical questionnaire and send the email address for receiving payout reports and the URL for sending error notifications to your manager.
  3. Get a certificate for accessing the YooMoney servers.
  4. Implement this protocol.
  5. Test the integration.
  6. Add money to your balance of payouts.
If everything is in order, you can start making payouts to real customers.
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