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Error codes
General errors
0Without errors
XML parsing error. Possible reasons:
  • Invalid XML syntax.
  • Missing required XML elements.
50Can’t open the PKCS#7 cryptographic message, data integrity error
51Signature data does not match the transmitted document
53Request signed with a certificate unknown to YooMoney
55Merchant’s certificate expired. new certificate must be issued for your store. Contact your YooMoney manager.
110The merchant doesn’t have rights to perform operations with the requested parameters. For example, no rights to view the list of orders for the specified shopId.
1000Technical error
General parameter errors
111Invalid value for the requestDT parameter
112Invalid value for the invoiceId parameter
113Invalid value for the shopId parameter
114Invalid value for the orderNumber parameter
115Invalid value for the clientOrderId parameter
117Invalid value for the status parameter
118Invalid value for the from parameter
119Invalid value for the till parameter
120Invalid value for the orderId parameter
151Invalid value for the shopArticleId parameter
152Invalid value for the sum parameter
153Invalid value for the currencyId parameter
154Invalid value for the description parameter
155Invalid value for the offer_accepted parameter
156Invalid value for the smsPhoneNumber parameter
157Invalid value for the showcase_url parameter
158Invalid value for the invoiceType parameter. Returned in the response to the createInvoice request.
Errors in informational request parameters
200Invalid value for the outputFormat parameter. Allowed: XML, CSV
201Invalid value for the csvDelimiter parameter
202Invalid value for the orderCreatedDatetimeGreaterOrEqual parameter
203Invalid value for the orderCreatedDatetimeLessOrEqual parameter
204Invalid value for the paid parameter
205Invalid value for the paymentDatetimeGreaterOrEqual parameter
206Invalid value for the paymentDatetimeGreaterOrEqual parameter
207Invalid value for the outputFields parameter
The request specifies an empty time range for order creation.
The upper bound for time of order creation orderCreatedDatetimeLessOrEqual is earlier than or equal to the lower bound for time of order creation orderCreatedDatetimeGreaterOrEqual
The time range for order creation specified in the request is too large.
The time range limited by the values of the orderCreatedDatetimeGreaterOrEqual and orderCreatedDatetimeLessOrEqual parameters is greater than 31 days.
The request specifies an empty time range for order payment.
The upper bound of the order payment time paymentDatetimeLessOrEqual is less than or equal to the lower bound of the order payment time paymentDatetimeGreaterOrEqual
The time range for order payment specified in the request is too large.
The time range limited by the values of the paymentDatetimeGreaterOrEqual and paymentDatetimeLessOrEqual parameters is greater than 31 days
212The payment time range and the “paid only” option contradict each other. The request sets an order payment time range, but the paid parameter is omitted, or its value is not true
213There are no conditions set to restrict the selection. The request must specify one of the conditions described on the listOrders method page
214A request by order number (orderNumber) does not specify the store ID (shopId)
215A request by transaction number (invoiceId) does not specify the store ID (shopId)
216The results contain too many elements. This occurs if the resulting selection contains more than 10,000 records. Change the request parameters to shorten the time range restricting the selection
217Invalid value for the partial parameter. Acceptable values: true, false
Transaction request errors
402Invalid value for the amount parameter. Check that the parameter value matches the CurrencyAmount data type
403Invalid value for the currency parameter. Check the currency code: it must match the currency code for the original payment
404Invalid value for the cause parameter. Parameter omitted or unacceptable length
405Non-unique operation number. An operation with the same number (clientOrderId) but with different parameters was already executed
410The order was not paid for. A refund is impossible
411Unsuccessful delivery status for Payment notification. The Payment notification (paymentAviso) was not delivered to the merchant’s system
412The transfer currency differs from the one in the request. The currency parameter in the request does not specify the same currency that was used for the transfer
413The refund amount specified in the request exceeds the transfer amount. When combined with previously processed refunds, the amount specified in the request exceeds the original transfer
414Transfer was refunded earlier. The entire transfer amount has already been refunded to the Payer’s account
415No order with the specified transaction number (invoiceId)
416Not enough funds to make the refund. Contact the support service to learn more
417The Payer’s account is closed. Funds can’t be refunded to it
418The Payer’s account is blocked. Funds can’t be refunded to it
419The amount remaining after refunding parts of the payment is less than 1 ruble. You must reduce the refund amount or refund the entire payment amount
420An additional parameter that is required for this merchant is missing or invalid
421An additional parameter that is required for cash payments at a kiosk is missing or invalid
422The amount is outside of the merchant’s allowed range
Exceeded the limit on the total length of additional parameters for a payment reservation.
Returned in response to the createInvoice request
424Refunding part of the total is not allowed for this payment method. You can only refund the entire payment amount
Technical error. Repeat the request with a new transaction ID.
Returned in response to the createInvoice request
428Refunding is not allowed for this payment method
No order with the specified transaction number (orderId).
Returned in response to the returnPayment request for deferred transfers
430Store not allowed to refund payments. Not enough funds to perform the refund
431Errors of checking data for the receipt. The data for the receipt are incorrect or insufficient
601Repeat payments in the store’s favor is not allowed. To disable recurring payments, contact your manager
602This payment cannot be repeated
603An orderNumber is required for this operation
604Invalid value for the cvv parameter
606Operation forbidden for this card
607Exceeded limit. Card operation can’t be completed
608Not enough funds to perform the card operation
609Technical error. Card operation can’t be completed
611Bank card expired. The merchant must remove the link to this card for recurring payments on the store side
612Operation forbidden for this card. The card must be canceled by the issuing bank
The invoice couldn’t be formed. Do not resend the request.
Returned in the response to the createInvoice request
Creating payment invoices in this payment system (invoiceType) is temporarily unavailable. Try again later.
Returned in the response to the createInvoice request if the invoiceType is temporarily disabled
616This transfer cannot be returned: refund period has expired