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Payment via SberBank’s mobile app
This scenario allows for performing payments via SberBank’s mobile app using deep linking. The customer from your app or mobile version of the website immediately proceeds to the payment in SberBank’s app without any additional actions.
This scenario is available when you're accepting payments using SberPay.
Interaction scenario
  1. Customer decides to pay for a product or service via mobile device and selects SberPay as the payment method.
  2. You detect if the customer is making the purchase via mobile app or mobile version of the website.
  3. You issue an invoice using the createInvoice method in which you specify where the customer will return after confirming the payment.
  4. YooMoney responds with a deep link.
  5. You redirect the customer to the SberBank Online mobile app via the deep link you received.
  6. Customer signs in to the app and immediately gets redirected to the payment page for your invoice.
  7. Customer confirms the payment.
  8. Customer returns to your app via the link you entered in showcase_url when issuing the invoice.
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