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Payment via the Mir Pay mobile app
This scenario allows processing payments via the Mir Pay mobile app. The customer proceeds from your app or mobile version of the website to the ready-made form from YooMoney that redirects them to the Mir Pay mobile app.
Only payments via Mir cards are available in this scenario.
Interaction scenario
Step 1. User selects the payment method (in the mobile web version or mobile app) and taps on the Pay button.
Step 2. The payment details that the user enters in store's interface are sent to YooMoney.
Step 3. User proceeds to the ready-made form from YooMoney and selects Mir Pay as the payment method.
Step 4. YooMoney redirects the user to the Mir Pay mobile app.
Step 5. User selects the card in the app and confirms the payment.
Step 6. YooMoney sends an Order verification request to store's information system.
Step 7. If the store responds that the Order verification request is passed, the money is debited.
Step 8. After the payment, the Mir Pay mobile app automatically redirects the user back to your store.
Step 9. User sees the result: a page with a message about the successful payment or a page with an error message.
Step 10. After the successful payment, the store receives a Payment notification request.
Step 11. If the store responds affirmatively to the Payment notification request, the payment is considered to be successful.
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