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Payment via external payment systems
Scenario of interaction between the store and the YooMoney service when the order is paid via SberPay: payment via text message or the SberBank Online mobile app (from hereafter referred to as an external payment system) differs from the basic scenario.
Interaction flow
Payment process
Step 1. The user selects the payment method (on the store’s website or in YooMoney) and clicks Pay.
Step 2. Data that the user enters is sent to YooMoney.
Steps 3-4. The user is asked to enter the payment data that is required for the chosen external payment system.
There are three options for payments via SberPay:
  1. User gets redirected to YooMoney and enters additional data (as in this scenario).
  2. User confirms the payment with a text message or push notification on their phone with SberBank’s mobile app installed. The store sends a request for creating an invoice (createInvoice) to YooMoney, specifying invoiceType=sberbank and payMethod=offline. If the user has SberBank’s mobile app installed on their phone, they’ll get a push notification, click on it to open the app, and confirm the payment there. If the user doesn’t have the app installed, they’ll get a text message with the invoice from SberBank and confirm the payment by replying to the text message. See Payments via text message
  3. When paying via mobile device, the user gets redirected to the SberBank Online mobile app right from store’s page. The store sends a request for creating an invoice (createInvoice) to YooMoney, specifying invoiceType=sberbank and payMethod=online. The store gets the link for redirection in the response (in the externalPaymentUrl parameter) and uses this link to redirect the user. The user signs in to the SberBank Online app and pays the issued invoice. After the payment, SberBank’s app redirects the user to your app automatically. See the createInvoice method
Steps 5-7. YooMoney transmits the payment amount and information about the product and user (if necessary) to the external payment system.
Step 8. The user goes to the external payment system’s interface to complete the payment.
Steps 9-11. Next, the payment is processed by the external payment system: displaying item information, the payment verification method, informing the user of transaction results, and the possibility to redirect the user to the store’s website after payment all depend on the particular payment system.
Steps 12-17. Order verification (calling checkOrder) can be made before invoicing, or during the payment process. In the latter case, YooMoney executes the Order verification (checkOrder) and Notification of payment (paymentAviso) requests after it gets user-payment confirmation from the external payment system.
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