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Accepting payments from legal entities (B2B payments)
This scenario allows you to accept payments from businesses. The customer clicks the payment button on your website and immediately proceeds to payment of the invoice in the Sberbank Business Online service. The customer does not need to make a payment order manually. You do not have to wait for the payment to be sent to the account: you can get a successful payment notification at the time of payment. This notification guarantees that the money will be successfully credited to your account.
The payment is transferred from the buyer’s account to your account in full on the SberBank’s side.
  1. Inform the YooMoney manager that you would like to enable B2B payments.
  2. Add money to the payout account that YooMoney will use for charging the fee for payment processing (banking details will be sent to your email).
Interaction scenario
Step 1. The customer decides to pay for the product or service on your website from their company’s bank account and selects payment via Sberbank Business Online.
Step 2. You send the payment form with the paymentType=2S value to YooMoney and include additional parameters required for this payment method.
If your products are subject to VAT, you need to send:
  • the full payment amount in the sum field (with the VAT amount);
  • calculated value in the vatType field;
  • your VAT rate in the vatRate field;
  • the calculated VAT amount in the vatSum field.
If the products are not subject to VAT, use untaxed in the vatType field and leave other fields related to VAT empty.
If the order has products with different VAT rates, you must issue a separate invoice for each rate.
If your online sales register is connected to YooMoney, you don’t need to send additional receipt data for B2B payments. The information provided in the payment form is enough.
Step 3. The customer proceeds from your website to the SberBank’s service by clicking a button and fills in their username and password.
Step 4. YooMoney sends you the notification on the checked order. If you are ready to accept the payment, respond with success, and the payment process will continue. If not, the customer will see an error.
Step 5. The customer sees a ready-made payment order in Sberbank Business Online and confirms the payment with a text message password. The payment order is valid for 3 days from the date of its creation.
Step 6. Done: payment is processed, you receive the notification of successful payment with the banking details of the company that made the payment.
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