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Rules for processing requests
  1. YooMoney processes the received request immediately. If the request can’t be processed within a few seconds, the server returns the processing response (status=1). In this case, the merchant should repeat the request with the same data to get a final response. The recommended interval for repeating the request is once after one minute, three more times with 5 minute intervals, then waiting at least 30 minutes between further attempts.
  2. If there is no response from YooMoney, or if the response is indefinite (for example: HTTP status 500 or status=1), repeat the request with the same data until the final response is received. The recommended intervals for repeating the request are given in point 1.
  3. The status of a processing operation (status=1) can change to either success or declined.
  4. If the request was declined, the response returns status=3 and error with an explanation for the refusal. In some cases, the techMessage field may be included, which contains an additional explanation in any text format. This text is meant to be analyzed by technical specialists. Do not display it in any part of the store’s interface.