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Financial transactions
Using MWS, the merchant can make refunds, confirm and cancel deferred payments, and repeat bank card or Mir Pay payments (if the Payer agrees). Not all requests may be available to a particular merchant. This depends on how this protocol is implemented and the conditions of the agreement with YooMoney.
Interaction format
Server address for calling operations
Request format
Requests are send over the HTTP 1.1 protocol using the POST method.
Format for passing parameters in the request:
  • each parameter is passed in {key}={value} format in the body of the POST request;
  • MIME type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;
  • encoding: UTF‑8.
Response format
The store returns the result of executing the request as an XML document in the body of the response to the HTTP request. Possible HTTP response codes
The document is formed according to the XML 1.0 (Fifth Edition) standard:
  • the names of elements and attributes are case-sensitive;
  • MIME type: application/xml;
  • encoding: UTF‑8.
General response parameters
YooMoney responses to all types of requests for financial transactions contain the same set of parameters:
statusintResult of executing the operation. The merchant should use this value to make a decision about the request status (see the section Request status codes).
errorintRequest error code (see the section Error codes). Provides an additional explanation of the status field. Optional field.
clientOrderIdClientTransactionNumberA copy of the clientOrderId request parameter. Used for financial transactions.
processedDTdateTimeTime when the request was processed (in YooMoney time).
techMessagestringOptional field. May contain an additional explanation for server responses. This text contains technical information and should not be displayed in any part of the store’s interface.
The merchant and YooMoney interact over HTTPS. To use MWS, the merchant must get an X.509 certificate from the YooMoney certificate authority. The merchant uses the certificate to make requests to YooMoney.
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