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API Changelog
May 30
Added a new reason for the cancellation of a refund: rejected_by_timeout (technical issues on the side of the initiator of the refund cancellation).
May 28
For those who use regular payouts: the minimum payout amount to a bank card is now 5 rubles (previously it was 100 rubles). Learn more about payout limits
May 8
Now when paying via Tinkoff Pay in a payment object with the succeeded, waiting_for_capture, and canceled statuses, objects payment_method.card (bank card details) and authorization_details (payment authorization details) may be returned.
April 11
April 3
For two-stage payments: now, for payments via SberPay, Mir Pay, Tinkoff Pay, and “Credit purchases” by SberBank, you can debit not just the whole amount but a part of it as well.
March 20
For those who accept payments from bank cards or via Mir Pay: the card_product object (card product of a payment system) has been added to the Payment  object.
March 14
For those who make standard payouts, there are updates in extracts from payout reports:
  • Now you can generate extracts directly after successful completion of a payout.
  • Extract have a new field titled Additional information that can contain the following data:
February 27
Mobile SDK updates:
  • iOS SDK: support for iOS versions older than 13.0 discontinued, payment acceptance via FPS is now available;
  • Android SDK: support for Android versions older than 7.0 discontinued, payment acceptance via FPS is now available.
February 21
The QIWI Wallet payment method (qiwi) has been disabled due to the fact that QIWI Bank had its license revoked. Payments and refunds for this method are unavailable.
January 22
For SberPay, the holding period for payments made in two stages is now 5 days (used to be 7 days). The new period will affect all payments made from January 25, 2024 on.
January 12
For the self-employed who use the auto-sending of receipts: you can disable the option in the YooMoney Merchant Profile now without having to revoke the rights from YooMoney in the Moi Nalog service.
December 22
For those who make payouts to bank cards using the widget for collecting the data:
December 13
For those, who request store settings : limits for the itn parameter of the Me  object have changed. INN (TIN) can now contain up to 20 characters.
December 1
For partners: the fiscalization_enabled parameter of the Me  object is deprecated, the information about the settings of receipts sent to the Tax Service is now returned in the fiscalization object.
November 16
YooMoney now supports online sales registers provided by 1-OFD, LIFE PAY, Mertrade, RocketR. More about sending receipts to a third-party online register
November 2
One-time limits for payments have changed. The maximum payment amount for payments made via SberBank Business Online, FPS, Tinkoff Pay, SberPay is 700,000 rubles; maximum limit for payments made via Mir Pay or bank cards is 350,000 rubles. More about limits
October 24
Tinkoff Pay is now used instead of the Tinkoff payment method. The code in the API remains the same: tinkoff_bank. Main differences:
  • user confirms the payment in the Tinkoff app, not on the website;
  • for two-stage payments, the holding period is 7 days instead of 6 hours;
  • this payment method can be saved for autopayments;
  • this payment method is available in the YooMoney widget.
If you've already used the Tinkoff method, the transition to Tinkoff Pay will be completed automatically.
October 20
Для тех, кто делает выплаты самозанятым: добавлен новый статус объекта самозанятого  — unregistered (самозанятый с таким ИНН не зарегистрирован в сервисе Мой налог, или пользователь потерял статус самозанятого).
October 5
For those who send receipts using the Receipt after payment scenario: the limit on maximum number of receipts that you can link to one payment or refund has been extended to 30.
September 29
Для тех, кто делает выплаты: теперь в личном кабинете ЮKassa можно подписаться на уведомления о смене статусов выплат.
September 19
Теперь, если пользователь пополняет свой банковский счет, открытый в вашей системе, в запросе на создание платежа нужно передавать данные пополняемого счета. Подробнее о пополнении счета, открытого в вашей системе
September 6
For payments via the Faster Payments System (FPS): now payment and refund objects can contain transaction's ID in FPS: payment_method.sbp_operation_id (in payment objects ) and refund_method.sbp_operation_id (in refund objects ).
July 28
New payment method added: “Credit purchases” by SberBank, API code is sber_loan.
June 15
The YooMoney API stops supporting the alfabank payment method (Alfa-Click).
May 24
В ЮKassa появилось новое решение для работы по 54-ФЗ — Чеки от ЮKassa. С его помощью вы можете отправлять чеки в налоговую без аренды онлайн-кассы и покупки фискального накопителя.
February 22
The YooMoney widget now supports payments via Mir Pay.
February 8
For those who use Safe deal: added a new reason for the cancellation of a payout, identification_required (adding money to anonymous wallets is forbidden, the user needs to complete identification).
January 19
For those who use iOS SDK: you can no longer install the demo app, which previews payment interfaces and the payment process.
December 15
Added a new payment method: Mir Pay. This method is displayed in the payment form for mobile devices on Android. Available to those who use Smart payment or YooMoney's ready-made page for payments via bank cards.
December 9
Для тех, кто делает выплаты: теперь ЮKassa списывает комиссию с вашего баланса не за все успешные операции раз в сутки, а отдельно за каждую выплату сразу после ее проведения.
December 5
Payments via the FPS (Faster Payments System) can no longer be processed in two stages. Now the capture parameter must always have value true in requests for creating a payment via the FPS. If you use Smart payment or the YooMoney widget, FPS is no longer displayed as a payment method for two-stage payments.
December 1
November 21
November 15
Now partners who use an OAuth token for authenticating requests can process recurring payments.
November 11
Now YooMoney has the test mode for those who'd like to test the features of the API. You don't need to enter the information about your company or enter into a contract. Available for regular payments, and the partnership program. To test the Safe deal or Split payments feature, you need to enter the information about your company when signing up.
November 9
Now you can specify the phone number where money should be added in a request for creating a payment  in YooMoney. Learn more about adding money to the balance
October 20
October 12
Для тех, кто делает выплаты на банковские карты с использованием виджета для сбора данных: вышла новая версия виджета — 3.0.0. В этой версии изменился набор параметров, которые возвращает библиотека при успехе. Подробнее об изменениях
October 7
The process of testing payments via the wallet has changed: you can test payments in the demo store without signing out of your YooMoney wallet.
October 6
For those who use autopayments: now you can test the unsuccessful scenario in which the payment where the payment method is saved is successful, but if the payment is repeated using the received ID, it returns an error.
September 29
Two-stage payments via FPS (the Faster Payment System) are temporarily unavailable.
September 27
Self-employed individuals can now process payments with automatic receipt registration in the Moi Nalog service.
September 14
Now the FPS payment method can be saved for recurring payments.
July 21
Checkout.js no longer returns the expired_card and card_declined error codes.
July 11
June 30
Online platforms which use Split payments can now add a transaction description (transfers.description) for each store in payment creation  requests. The seller will see this description in the YooMoney Merchant Profile.
June 29
For those who use YooMoney's solution for 54-FZ: online sales registers from Kit Invest and ModulKassa now support generating receipts in accordance with FFD 1.2.
June 20
The YooMoney widget now processes unsuccessful payment attempts for all payment methods, and Smart payment now works for unsuccessful attempts via bank cards, SberPay, Faster Payments System, and YooMoney wallet. If you manage the integration on your own, unsuccessful attempts are now processed by ready-made forms for payment via bank cards, the YooMoney wallet, or SberPay. If you'd like to make the decision on what to tell the user after an unsuccessful payment on your own, contact your YooMoney manager.
June 3
Added a new range of IP addresses from which YooMoney can send notifications: 2a02:5180::/32
May 20
YooMoney stops supporting German in the widget. If you display texts in the payment form in German, select another language: English or Russian.
May 6
Smart payment now supports saving the payment method for recurring payments.
May 1
The single payment limit for transactions via the Faster Payments System has been increased from 600,000 rubles to 1 million rubles.
April 29
The payer_bank_details.kpp parameter in the payment object is now optional for payments via Sberbank Business Online.
April 20
  • YooMoney API no longer supports the Apple Pay (apple_pay) and Google Pay (google_pay) payment methods.
  • Changes to the YooMoney Widget:
April 14
  • The cancellation_details object with a comment regarding who canceled the refund and why is now returned in the refund object  with the canceled status.
  • Server SDKs (PHP, Python) and mobile SDKs (iOS SDK, Android SDK) have been moved from GitHub to the YooMoney repository.
April 11
New requirements for the URL for incoming notifications: now only URLs with TCP ports 443 or 8443 can be used for subscribing to notifications.
March 25
March 16
sbp payment method (the Faster Payments System of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, FPS) added to the payment creation request.
March 11
All transactions via Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express cards issued abroad have been suspended in Russia. Therefore, there are restrictions on using Apple Pay and Google Pay:
  • Payments via Apple Pay are only available for Mir cards.
  • Payments via Google Pay are no longer available for Mastercard and Visa cards, therefore, we've temporarily disabled this payment method. We'll enable it again if it becomes possible to add MIR cards to Google Pay.
February 11
The WebMoney payment method (webmoney) has been disabled due to the fact that WebMoney's settlement bank had its license revoked. Payments and refunds for this method are unavailable.
February 7
  • The SberBank Online payment method has been disabled. If you need to refund payments via SberBank Online, you can do so until April 10, 2022 inclusive (until 11:59:59 PM by Moscow time). To accept payments via SberBank, use the SberPay payment method.
  • The tax_system_code parameter used in the procedure of generating a receipt has become mandatory for those who use the ATOL online sales register and FFD 1.2.
November 25
From now on, if you’d like to configure how payment methods are displayed in the YooMoney widget, first you need to contact your manager to implement this feature. If you don’t do it, you’ll get the customization_of_payment_methods_not_allowed error when initializing the widget with the specified payment_methods parameter.
November 23
Now the SberPay payment method can be saved for recurring payments.
November 19
YooMoney may now send notifications from two new IP addresses:
November 11
Updates to the YooMoney widget:
  • now you can handle widget events to interact with the user after the payment is finished or when the pop-up window with the payment form gets closed;
  • the widget no longer returns the return_url_required error code (return URL not specified). The return_url parameter bacame optional, because now there are two options for interacting with the user after the payment is finished: set up a redirect to return_url or handle the payment process event.
November 8
YooMoney now supports FFD 1.2 for working with online sales registers. The option to send new parameters for marking will be implemented later.
October 8
Added the authorization_details.three_d_secure parameter (information about user’s 3‑D Secure authentication) to the Payment  object.
October 6
The SberBank Online payment method is about to be disabled:
  • If you’d like to start accepting payments via SberBank, use SberPay.
  • If you already accept payments via SberBank Online, you’ll be switched to SberPay automatically.
September 29
Now you can display the YooMoney payment widget in a pop-up window.
September 24
For those who use Safe deal: now you can subscribe to notifications about changes in the status of created deals and payouts.
September 17
If a payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay is unsuccessful, the YooMoney widget or the Smart payment page displays an error message to the user and prompts them to try paying again with an option to select a different card or payment method.
September 15
Now you can specify information about marking of the drugs being sold (additional user and payment subject parameters) in the request for creating a receipt . Available only to those who use the Receipt after payment scenario.
September 13
For those who use Safe deal: the minimum amount for a payout to seller's bank card reduced from 100 rubles to 1 ruble. Learn more about payout limits
September 8
You can now create a demo store from the YooMoney Merchant Profile.
August 25
For those who use Safe deal: now you can specify the bank card number when making payouts.
August 18
  • The YooMoney payment widget can now save bank cards used for payment in your store and offer them during recurring payments.
  • For those who use Safe deal:
August 2
For those who use Safe deal: now you can make payouts to YooMoney wallets.
July 27
Added a restriction on creating receipts using the Receipt after payment scenario: now you can’t link more than 15 receipts to one payment or refund.
July 13
Added test bank cards of different payment systems for testing payments via bank cards.
June 30
A new solution for marketplaces — Safe deal — is now available in YooMoney. It can be used for online platforms, where individuals sell products and provide services to each other, to accept payments from customers and make payouts to sellers.
June 8
May 21
Now the YooMoney widget processes unsuccessful payments via bank cards on its own and prompts the user to try paying again. You can disable this setting by contacting your YooMoney manager and set up a custom scenario of processing unsuccessful payments.
May 12
Now payments can be made using a new version of the SberBank payment method — SberPay. YooMoney switches those who use the SberBank Online payment method to the new version. Learn more about SberPay
April 2
Now online platforms which use Split payments can get information about seller’s store  registered on the platform.
March 31
In the YooMoney Checkout Widget, you can’t select the method of authentication via 3-D secure for bank card payments anymore. Payment confirmation will now be always offered to users in a pop-up window instead of a separate webpage.
March 15
February 1
Online marketplaces that use Split payments can now send additional information  for each store.
December 23
Updates in the YooMoney Checkout widget:
  • the widget now notifies when the payment form is displayed: the render method now returns Promise;
  • the option to reload an initialized widget is now available.
December 22
Limitation added for payment refunds: payments via Sberbank Online (sberbank payment method) can only be refunded within a year since the date of creation.
December 21
New payment cancellation reason added: unsupported_mobile_operator (YooMoney doesn’t support payments from the specified phone number).
December 18
Three new fields were added to the payment reports: Payer name, Payer address, and Taxpayer Identification Number (INN). This information is only sent for payments of over 15,000 rubles made via YooMoney wallet.
December 15
For those who implement the Google Pay method independently: gateway tokenization parameter now must be specified with the yoomoney value.
December 10
Updates for web SDK: YooMoney widget, Checkout.js, Checkout UI.
December 7
Launch of the new API version. Changes:
December 1
Mobile SDK updates:
November 18
Для партнеров: в ЮKassa изменился процесс получения OAuth-токенов. Подробнее об изменениях
November 17
New design of the payment form in the YooMoney Checkout Widget.
September 10
The YooMoney API stops supporting the wechat payment method (WeChat app).
August 28
Online marketplaces that use Split payments can now track the integration status of stores via dashboard.
August 26
Changes in the card.first6 parameter of the Payment  object:
  • the parameter is now optional;
  • the value of the parameter now depends on the method of entry of the bank card data.
July 31
Виджет ЮKassa теперь возвращает новый код ошибки — invalid_return_url (некорректный URL страницы завершения оплаты).
July 24
July 23
Теперь с помощью Сплитования платежей онлайн-площадки могут удерживать с магазинов комиссию за проданные товары и услуги.
July 17
Добавлены новые причины отмены платежа:
  • expired_on_confirmation — пользователь не подтвердил платеж за отведенное время;
  • expired_on_capture — истек срок списания оплаты;
  • canceled_by_merchant — платеж отменен по API;
  • internal_timeout — ЮKassa не удалось обработать запрос в течение 30 секунд.
June 5
Payment refunds now have a limitation: a payment can only be refunded within three years of its creation.
June 3
You can now customize the color scheme of the payment form in the YooMoney Checkout Widget.
June 2
Вышла новая версия мобильного SDK для iOS. Если вы уже используете библиотеку для приема платежей, обновите настройки зависимостей.
May 21
YooMoney now offers a new solution for marketplaces – Split payments. Now online marketplaces where stores place their goods and services can accept payments and automatically distribute them among stores.
May 14
In the YooMoney Checkout Widget, when making a payment via bank card, the user can now complete 3-D Secure authentication in a pop-up window without leaving your website.
May 5
The income_amount parameter (payment amount minus the YooMoney commission) added to the Payment  object.
April 2
The option to test the payment process with a receipt is now available.
March 27
New scenario for sending receipts is now available: you can send data for creating payment and refund receipts in the receipt creation  request.
March 6
  • The option to request refund creation rights is now available.
  • The payment_methods object (list of payment methods available to the store) added to the Me  object.
February 14
You can now select the language (Russian, English, or German) in the YooMoney Checkout Widget for displaying text in the payment form to the user.
February 6
Sberbank Business Online payment method is now available for implementation to clients of all banks.
December 11
YooMoney Checkout Widget now supports payments via bank cards linked to YooMoney wallets.
December 10
You no longer need to specify the google_transaction_id parameter when creating a payment with the Google Pay payment method.
November 19
YooMoney Checkout Widget now supports payments via Sberbank Online.
November 12
YooMoney Checkout Widget now supports payments via YooMoney wallets and saving the payment method for recurring payments.
September 27
You can now embed a payment form to your website using the YooMoney Checkout Widget.
September 26
You can now get information about receipts  for payments and refunds.
September 5
You can send data for generating transaction completion receipts to the online sales register.
August 14
card.issuer_country (code of the country where the bank card was issued) and card.issuer_name (name of the issuing bank) parameters added to the Payment  object.
July 12
Authorization via the OAuth 2.0 protocol: developers of apps (for example, CMS, CRM) can interact with the YooMoney API on behalf of YooMoney users. More about the YooMoney partnership program
July 5
You can now get a list of receipts  for payments or refunds.
July 1
  • customer (customer information) object and product_code, country_of_origin_code, customs_declaration_number, excise (additional information about the product) parameters for creating a receipt added to payment creation  request.
  • receipt.email and receipt.phone parameters are deprecated. You can still use them, but we recommend sending the data in the receipt.customer object (email and phone parameters respectively).
June 27
permission_revoked (user disabled recurring payments) added to payment cancellation reasons.
June 25
wechat (WeChat app) payment method added to the payment creation request.
May 27
YooMoney now supports online sales registers provided by Kit Invest.
May 21
The YooMoney API stops supporting the psb payment method (Promsvyazbank Internet banking).
May 16
Changes in the airline parameters:
  • passengers and legs are now optional;
  • ticket_number is a required parameter, but if its value is unknown, you’ll need to specify booking_reference;
  • the option to specify the airline code (carrier_code) added to the flight information (legs).
April 4
Launch of the YooMoney API documentation portal for developers.
March 26
  • alfabank (Alfa-Click) payment method now allows for processing the payment by the redirect scenario. The user’s login in Alfa-Click is not required.
  • Payment creation with qiwi (QIWI Wallet) payment method does not require the user’s phone number anymore (the phone parameter in the payment_method_data object is now optional).
February 14
tinkoff_bank (Tinkoff online banking) payment method added to the payment creation request.
February 6
  • YooMoney now sends out notifications about two new events: payment.canceled (payment status changed to canceled) and refund.succeeded (refund status changed to succeeded).
  • The option to select the events that you want to track via notifications is now available in your Merchant Profile.
December 28
The new 20% VAT rate added to the b2b_sberbank (Sberbank Business Online) payment method.
December 17
  • The amount of time allotted for capturing a payment  in the waiting_for_capture status changed to 7 days for payments made from a YooMoney wallet (same as for payments via bank card), and 6 hours for payments made using other methods.
  • After the cancellation of a payment  made from a YooMoney wallet, funds are returned to the user’s account immediately.
November 19
YooMoney now supports FFD 1.05: payment_mode (payment method attribute) and payment_subject (payment subject attribute) parameters for creating a receipt added to payment creation  request.
October 15
b2b_sberbank (Sberbank Business Online) payment method added to the payment creation request.
September 12
YooMoney stops returning response HTTP 202 code (“request is being processed”): the response now contains either “success” or “failure”.
September 7
psb (Promsvyazbank Internet banking) payment method added to the Payment  object. The user can only select this method at the YooMoney’s page.
July 31
locale parameter added to confirmation object in the payment creation  request: you can select the language for displaying payment confirmation info to the user.
July 20
authorization_details object added to the Payment  object.
July 17
google_pay (Google Pay) payment method added to the payment creation request.
June 4
cancellation_details object (commentary for a canceled payment) added to the Payment  object.
April 17
installments (Installments service) payment method added to the payment creation request.
April 10
first6 parameter (Bank Identification Number for bank card, the first 6 digits) added to the card  object.
April 4
airline object added to the payment creation request: you can send airline addendum data when selling airline tickets.
January 15
test attribute added to the Payment  object.
November 30
description parameter added to the Payment  object.
November 22
  • Error id added to the Error object.
  • captured_at parameter added to the Payment  object.
October 30
expires_at parameter added to the Payment  object.
October 15
Launch of the YooMoney API.