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Split payments
This solution from YooMoney allows marketplaces — online platforms where different stores place their goods and services — to distribute and make automatic settlements to stores after payment acceptance.
How it works
You send the data to YooMoney, and YooMoney distributes the money between stores. The entire process consists of three stages:
  1. The user adds products from different stores to the cart and proceeds to checkout.
  2. You create one payment and tell YooMoney how to distribute the payment between stores.
  3. YooMoney makes settlements to the accounts of the stores where the user purchased the goods.
Using YooMoney, you can: accept payments from users, charge commission from stores for goods and services sold, send data on the distribution of money, make refunds, send receipts to the user on behalf of the store where the product was purchased, and request information about payments, refunds and sent receipts.
To use Split payments, you and your stores must be connected to YooMoney. You need to complete implementation using this API, and sellers need to enter into a contract and configure their stores to work with your platform.
Step 1. Sing up for YooMoney
Send an onboarding application and tell the manager you want to use the solution for marketplaces. Fill in and sign all the necessary documents.
Step 2. Wait for the marketplace status
Wait until you get access to your marketplace in your Merchant Profile: it will be displayed in the list of all stores and payments, under the Online marketplaces section.
In the settings of your marketplace in your Merchant Profile, get the ID and Secret key for request authentication.
Step 3. Implement YooMoney
Configure the working procedure for payment, refunds, and receipts.
Step 4. Invite stores
Invite sellers to join your marketplace at YooMoney. There are two methods for sending the invitations:
  • From your Merchant Profile: go to the Sellers section and manually send an invitation to each seller. This method is suitable for those who charge a flat commission from each store or don’t charge a commission at all.
  • By e-mail: contact the manager to get the special link for connection and send it to the sellers via e-mail or using other methods. This method is suitable for those who charge a commission that varies depending on certain conditions.
Stores connected to your marketplace will appear under the Sellers section. Wait until the shopId column starts displaying store IDs.
Step 5. Start accepting payment
If you want to send receipts to the online sales register using the solution for payments under 54-FZ, make sure all stores you’re going to work with have implemented the Receipt after payment scenario for sending receipts.
Make test payments to sellers' stores.
Done! Now you can accept payment from real users.
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