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There are two main scenarios for Safe deal in YooMoney which depend on at what point you'd like to receive your remuneration: after the payment or after the deal is closed. You can process your first payment following either of these two scenarios.
Getting started
To start working with YooMoney, you need to sign up and get access to the Merchant Profile. You need a secret key and store ID from the Merchant Profile for authenticating API requests. Learn more about the basics of the YooMoney API
You can process this payment using the demo online platform. It supports two payment methods, there are no restrictions to other features. Learn more about creating and setting up a demo online platform
Selecting the scenario
With Safe deal, you can choose when your remuneration should be credited and when seller's means of payment should be linked to your platform. It determines how the deal is processed in YooMoney. Select a demo version of which platform you'd like to use to process the first deal: a classified ads platform or freelancing marketplace.
Classified ads platform
  • How do users of a platform interact: some users publish posts about products on sale, other users respond to these posts. Sellers rarely use the platform, whenever they need to sell a certain product.
  • When does the platform receive the remuneration: when the deal is successfully closed.
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Freelancing marketplace
  • How do users of the platform interact: some users publish posts about their services, other users respond to these posts. Freelancers use the platform often and provide the same services to different clients.
  • When does the platform receive the remuneration: after a successful payment.
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