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Safe deal
Safe deal is a solution developed by YooMoney for marketplaces where individuals sell products and render services to each other. YooMoney does all the work related to accepting payments from customers and crediting them to sellers. You just need to select the most convenient scenario of conducting deals and complete the integration with YooMoney via API.
With Safe deal from YooMoney, you can conduct deals without user identification, hold payments for up to 180 days, accept payments using many different payment methods, and use ready-made embeddable payment forms for websites and mobile devices.
User scenario
Users of your marketplace go through the following process:
  1. Customer and seller enter into a deal with each other on your marketplace.
  2. Customer makes the payment that parties have agreed on.
  3. YooMoney holds ("freezes") the payment on its side.
  4. Seller renders the service to the customer or provides the product of proper quality to them.
  5. Customer announces the result of the deal on your marketplace.
  6. If everything is fine with the product or service, YooMoney transfers the payment from the customer to the seller. If the seller hasn't done their part of the deal, YooMoney returns the payment to the customer.
To see this process live, use the demo store for Safe deal. You can test the process as a customer (select a product and pay for it via bank card) and as a seller (link a card to the marketplace and receive a payout after the order is complete). Everything in the demo store runs the same way as for real payments and payouts but real money isn't actually transferred anywhere.
Specifics of conducting deals via YooMoney
A deal in YooMoney is a set of interconnected operations. As part of a single deal, you can:
  • accept a payment from a customer using various payment methods: bank card, SberPay and others;
  • transfer the seller’s remuneration to their bank card or YooMoney wallet after the deal’s conditions have been fulfilled;
  • refund the payment to the customer if the deal for some reason has been cancelled by the seller and customer.
Specifics of deals
Every deal expires after a certain period. If you do not make a payout or a refund before the deal expires, it will be automatically closed by YooMoney and the payment will be refunded to the customer. The expiration date of a deal is set when you implement the Safe deal feature. The minimum timeframe for a deal is 1 day, and the maximum is 180 days.
You can also receive marketplace remuneration from each transaction. We will transfer this amount, excluding the YooMoney commission, to your store’s balance. The marketplace remuneration amount is the only thing you will need to report to the accounting and tax departments as the seller’s remuneration is stored on YooMoney’s side without reaching your store’s balance.
You can decide at which point of the transaction process the marketplace remuneration is credited to you, after the customer makes the payment or after the seller receives their remuneration and the deal is closed. Your decision will affect the refund procedure. If you receive the marketplace remuneration upon customer’s payment, YooMoney will only refund the amount intended for the seller. If you receive the marketplace remuneration after closing a deal, YooMoney will refund the entire amount, including your remuneration and YooMoney’s acquiring commission (which will be debited from your store’s balance).
Specifics of payouts
Using Safe deal, you can make payouts to bank cards issued by any Russian banks as well as YooMoney wallets with simplified or full identification.
YooMoney has limits on payouts to sellers, such as the limits on the amount of a single payout, the amount of payouts within a certain period as well as the number of payouts. Learn more about payout limits
Financial analysis
Once every 24 hours, YooMoney sends out reports about successful payments, refunds, and transfers of your marketplace's remuneration for financial analysis. Learn more about reports
Implementing Safe deal
Step 1. If you haven't worked with YooMoney before, sign up for a Merchant Profile and enter into a contract. If you're already a client of YooMoney, notify your manager that you'd like to use Safe deal and enter into a contract.
Step 2. Get a store identifier (shopId in the Store settings section in your Merchant Profile) and secret key.
Step 3. Set up integration with YooMoney via API.
Step 4. Test the integration.
Done! You can conduct deals with real users of your marketplace.
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